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He wanted to paint light, not things.


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To invent Impressionism.He was 29.

Claude Monet discovered impressionism

Claude Monet started Impressionism.

Claude Monet is considered the father of Impressionism.

Claude Monet"s style was Impressionism and Modern art

Impressionism began during the 1870s by Claude Monet.

Claude Monet is the father of Impressionism!

He started Impressionism.

French impressionist Claude Monet was one of the founders of Impressionism. Most art historians cite the years of 1865 and 1866 as the beginnings of Monet's impressionism.

The cast of Claude Monet and Impressionism - 2013 includes: Nancy Rae McCarter as Herself - Host

Corot and Manet were a kind of forerunners of the Impressionism Monet created.

Claude Monet did, together with his friend Renoir.

Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Yes. He was a founder of Impressionism.

Claude Monet invented it and developed it with Renoir.

Use the impressionism art technique.

Paintings in the style of Impressionism.

He was an advocate for the Impressionism style of art.

Monet was a founding father of the painting style Impressionism.

Yes, he did. Yes, he is the founder of French Impressionist paintings. He is also considered one of the most prolific practitioner of such movement's philosophy.

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