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The two shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were exposed to alot of violence as children. Klebold was a typical underachieving, depressed teen who hated and blamed himself more than he hated or blamed others. Harris was a psychopath who would have eventually, on his own, wreaked havoc on the world he hated and the stupid, worthless people who inhabited it; he enjoyed hating, he enjoyed demeaning, and he enjoyed the idea of inflicting pain and suffering on others. Harris was also an adept liar. His friends and classmates reported that he lied about anything and everything. He enjoyed lying as much as he enjoyed hating and knew that it gave him an advantage. Authorities have gained a lot of insight into these personalities since their deaths because they not only left behind their websites and videos, but also journals chronicling their true feelings.

On the other hand, Martha Stout ("The Sociopath Next Door") and Robert Hare ("Without Conscience") have theorized that one of the boys was a sociopath and the other a delusional follower.

Eric was an angry teen who just wanted to hurt people. He wanted to do something people would remember.

That's what the media wants you to believe.

They were bullied and the school (as usaul) does nothing about it.

That's why it happened.

Not because of Doom, or Natural Born Killers, Nor Marylin Manson. It was provoked by the schools respected football team.

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Q: Why did Columbine happen?
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