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Why did European nations form alliances?

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One reason they formed alliances was for the purpose of defending each other if Another Country declared war on anyone in the alliance. Another reason more recently is for economic and trade purposes.

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Why did other European nations form alliances to oppose France's plan to expand?

Other nations formed alliances to oppose France's expansion plans because France was threatening to dominate all of Europe.

How did European nations maintain a balance of power?

European nations maintained a balance of power through wars and shifting alliances.

Why did nations form alliances with other nations?

they probably owed them debt or helped them out of debt.

What was the main intention of the alliances formed among European nations?

to increase tensions in Europe

Why did the European nations form alliances in the late 1800's and early 1900's?

For mutual protection against real or imagined enemies.

An underlying cause of World War 1 was?

the web of alliances european nations created for their defense

Do countris still form alliances?

Yes, it is a very common trend in world history for empires, city-states, nations, etc. to form alliances. Many military alliances are in place are the world now.

What economic organizations and alliances are Ireland part of?

United Nations - and its parts - , European Union, Council of Europe

What are some positive effects of European explorer contact with the first nations in Canada?

They made trades, made army alliances, and taught the first nations French

What were the rival military alliances during the cold war?

The Rival Military Alliances were NATO (US help form) and the Warsaw Pact (USSR and its satellite nations)

Nations making political and military alliances was an effect of?

Nations making political and military alliances was an effect of militarism.

What military alliances pushed European nations into war?

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Why Did Nations Form Alliances in World War 1?

at the beginning of WWi, it was actually to prevent a war from starting.

Why did countries want to make alliances in WW1?

Nations wanted to create alliances to keep peace in Europe. They also created alliances to make their country stronger. Whey they formed alliances with other nations they had back up

Was an underlying cause of world war 1 the on going dispute over the convoy system?

No, it was the web of alliances European nations created for their defense.

Do nations today form alliances with one another for the same reasons?

Nations presently and have traditionally formed alliances for several reasons. They want to have an assurance that they will have aid during any war or battles and they want to create a bilateral trade system.

Why did western European nations form the European common market?

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Why did European countries join alliances?

European countries joined alliances so that they would have external support in the event of an attack.

Which of the European countries did not colonize any of the nations that form ASEAN?


What two new alliances were made after World War 2 one between Communist Eastern European nations and the other between Western non Communist nations?

Warsaw Pact verses NATO.

How important were the decisions made by European statesmen during the summer of 1914 in causing the war?

They were very important. The whole reason the war occurred was due to their policies. In the quest for empire, European nations formed alliances. The combination of these alliances, and the mishandling of them by the European statesmen caused the war to start, and drag on despite the obvious stalemate and mass slaughter.

Why were so many European nations pulled into the conflict?

The alliance system pulled one nation after another into the conflict. or The biggest reason was the existence of the European Alliances. Countries were pulled in due to alliances with other countries The alliance system was a primary reason why many European countries were pulled into conflict. Germany, for example, was obligated by a treaty to support Austria-Hungary.

What two nation form the European union?

Two nations do not form it. There are 28 countries that are members of the European Union. See the related question below.

Why did the European countries join alliances?

All of these answers are good ones. Alliances are made for support.

Why did native American tribes form alliances with European powers?

they formed alliances because they thought they would keep the colonists out of there land that is when the proclamation of 1763 happened it kept the colonists out of the west Appalachian mountains.