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France was bitterly divided, and Germany had better troops. Another reason is that Britain had to evacuate their army from France. France from the start had a weak military; although Charles de Gaulle warned of the weakness of the French military, the government did nothing. France did not have the support of the French people after the declaration of war. All of France's allies (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, and Norway) besides Britain were all defeated by the time of the defeat of France.

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Q: Why did France fall to Germany?
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France falls to Germany?

Yes France did fall to Germany.

Did France ever fall to Germany?

France surrendered to Germany in May of 1940.

Europe was controlled by Germany after the fall of what nation?

Fall of France

Why was the Fall of France important to World War 2?

The Fall of France in 1940 meant that Germany had access to the Atlantic Ocean, circumventing the British blockade of Germany.

When did France fall to Germany?

it is May 10, 1940

What country did France and Germany fall out over?


What year did France fall to the Nazis?

France falls to Germany June 22, 1940.

What was the purpose of the fall of France?

The fall of France was likely because of its geographical position. It was easy for Germany to attack France from the ground, sea and air. Germany also wanted to have a greater advantage of its geographical position to be able to cut British supplies.

When did France fall to Germany World War 2?

June22, 1940

Immediately following the fall of Poland?

france and britain declared war on Germany

Is France Germany? France is France, Germany is Germany.

When did france fall during world war 2?

Germany invaded France beginning on May 10th, 1940. Paris was captured by Germany on June 14th, and France signed an armistice (surrender) on June 22nd, 1940.

Is Germany in France?

No, Germany is next to France.

By fall of 1940 Germany controlled how much of western Europe?

By the fall of 1940 Germany controlled most of Western Europe. The countries under German rule include but are not limited to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

When did Germany leave France?

Germany was never in France.

What country did Germany invade to get to France?

France. Germany and France share a border.

Is France to the east or west of Germany?

West of Germany are Belgium and Netherlands, not France. East of Germany it is Poland. France is South-west of Germany.

Does Germany not border France?

Yes it does.Germany does border France.

Which continent includes France and Germany?

France and Germany are in Europe.

Why did France sign an armistice with Germany?

France signed an armistice with Germany because it was overwhelmed by the blitzkrieg, when Germany invaded France.

Did Germany invade France before or after invading Belgium?

In 1940, Germany launched its attack on Western Europe. It was a massive invasion that swept over the lowlands including Belgium. Not long after the fall of Belgium, France was then successfully invaded and surrendered.

Is France in Germany or near Germany?

France and Germany are two different countries in Europe. France and Germany are near eachother, but both are pretty big countries.

Did Germany try to colonize France?

Germany didn't try to colonize France, Germany succeeded in colonizing France in 1940 after the French government surrendered to Germany.

What direction is Germany from France?

Next to it East Germany is East of France France is West of Germany namely the Western Front in ww1

Distance between France and Germany?

France and Germany are 2 large countries. You need the city in France and the City in Germany. From the center of Germany to the center of France, it is 1,032 miles.Answer 2ZeroFrance and Germany border each other. There is no distance between them. It is possible to stand with one foot in France and one foot in Germany.