The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

Why did Gandalf leave the dwarves and The Hobbit?

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Gandalf left so he could go to the white counsel, get the other wizards, and drive Sauron out of his hiding place.

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Why does Gandalf leave Bilbo and the dwarves in The Hobbit?

He has to help remove the Necromancer (who really is Sauron seeking the Ring) from Mirkwood.

What is Gandalf looking for in The Hobbit?

The one item that Gandalf is looking for is a Burglar for the dwarves, to make the number 14 instead of 13.

What was the inciting incident in The Hobbit?

At the Unexpected Party, when gandalf introduced the 13 dwarves to Bilbo.

Who are all the characters in the book The Hobbit?

Bilbo, Thorin, Smaug, Gandalf, Precious, the dwarves

How did the dwarves know which hobbit hole Bilbo lives in?

Gandalf put the mark of a burglar on the front door of Bilbo's hobbit hole.

What is the start of the hobbit?

The book starts with Bilbo Baggins meeting Gandalf the Grey. There was a tea party that Gandalf arranged, pulling in 13 dwarves with him.

How does the hobbit save the day in the hobbit?

His shouts allow Gandalf to escape capture by the goblins. And he finds a way to get the dwarves out of the Elvin King's dungeon.

How does the goblin king in The Hobbit get killed?

Gandalf cut off his head. Then he cut the chains of the dwarves and they ran for it.

In the book The Hobbit How does Gandalf outsmart the trolls into their own doom and free the dwarves?

Gandalf made sure to make the dwarfs think that their voice is one and the same with his.

Why did Gandalf have a strong allegiance towards Bilbo?

Because in the prelude to lord of the rings "the hobbit" Gandalf assisted Bilbo and thirteen dwarves steal a load of treasure from a dragon. Which the dragon stole from the dwarves a long time ago.

In the 'The Hobbit' why did Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves not follow the advice given by Beorn and Gandalf?

They were hungry and tired. They have run out of food and water. The elven feast entices them and they leave the path.

How did Gandalf stop Bilbo from abandoning the dwarves' adventure?

In J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit", based on his bloodlines, Gandalf considers Bilbo Baggins to be more than just an ordinary Hobbit. He went with the feeling that Bilbo was also much braver than any other Hobbit, and at that point, decided Bilbo should accompany the dwarves.

Who tried to eat the dwarves in The Hobbit?

The trolls were going to eat the dwarves. They were arguing over the best way to fix them, egged on by Gandalf, when the sun caught them and turned them to stone.

In the book the hobbit Bilbo Baggins goes on an adventure with?

With Gandalf and the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield, and his company of twelve further dwarves.

What happened when the crack in the wall snapped shut in the Hobbit?

The Dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf were trapped in the goblin town. Read the book!

Does the wizard like or does not like Bilbo in the book hobbit?

Yes, the wizard(Gandalf) likes Bilbo very much. It is by the will of Gandalf that Bilbo comes along with the dwarves for the quest. His concern for Bilbo can be seen when all the dwarves come out from goblin's cave but Bilbo remains behind. Gandalf continues to visit Bilbo even after the end of dwarves quest.

What does Gandalf threaten to do if the Dwarves don't accept Bilbo as the fourteenth companion?

He threatened to leave the Dwarves. Knowing that Gandalf was powerful and wise, Thorin realised what a dangerous journey it would be if Gandalf was not with them. Gandalf also reminded the Dwarves that they were thirteen, and unless they accepted Bilbo, they would remain that many. Being highly superstitious, the Dwarves shuddered at the thought of setting out for such a perilous journey with a number as evil as 13.

How does Gandalf rescue Bilbo and the dwarves in The Hobbit?

Gandalf turns off the lights and his wand lights up and he goes and gets the prisoners and they are free while the goblins try to reach the light

Who does sir Ian McKellen play in The Hobbit?

He plays Gandalf the Grey, the wizard who brings Bilbo and the dwarves together for their adventure. McKellen also plays Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films.

What kept the trolls bickering The Hobbit?

Trying to decide the way they were going to cook the dwarves. Gandalf threw his voice to add to the confusion.

Dwarves in the hobbit?

Yes there is many Dwarves in the hobbit. I think it is 13.

How did Gandalf get Beorn to shelter thirteen dwarves in The Hobbit?

He tells Beorn the grand tale of their adventures so far, and Beorn is so enthralled by the story that he readily agrees to take in the dwarves.

How did the goblins attack the grounp in The Hobbit?

The hobbit, dwarves and Gandalf climb trees to escape wolves, but goblins arrive and set the trees on fire. In a timely rescue, the party is saved by the Eagles.

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