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Gandalf presents the dwarves in a staggered fashion while telling a story to keep Beorn's interest so he would not send them away.
Gandalf wanted to keep Beorn fascinated in his story so he wouldn't notice the large number of dwarves Gandalf brought.

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Why is it important that Gandalf is not present when the expedition meets the trolls?

Because Gandalf would never have let the dwarves convince Bilbo to go out scouting alone.

Back in their day that WAS the fashion so basically that is the fashion to them.?

fashion always keep up with the times, so the ancient have ancient fashion, the present have present fashion, and the future have future fashion.

What is Present form of fashion of east and how its influence?

fashion of east-theirpresence and its influence

Who is more famous Ben Stiller or Gandalf?

Gandalf is more famous than Ben Stiller. Gandalf has been present in many forms of media, including movies, comics, books, cartoons, and video games. He has been a major character in a best selling franchise for about 8 decades.

When you are standardizing an argument why do you re-state the premises and conclusion?

To present the argument in a more orderly fashion. To present the argument in a more orderly fashion.

How do you introduce yourself in a fashion show?

Here is an idea: Goodmorning/afternoon, It is a pleasure to present my/our fashion project with you. My name is ________ and i am the current Head Fashion Designer of ______.

Difference of past and present fashion?

One thing about past and present fashion is that the history of fashion tends to repeat itself. Trends like tie-dyed shirts and dresses are popular today and were also popular in the 1960's in the United States.

What is the difference between past and present fashion?

the deference is that past consist of simplicity but now jeans

What are the Factors affecting change in fashion at present?

econimic factor political factors social factors Another answers in the point of view (fashion related): Two major factors that change in fashion are: 1) War/Conflict 2) Sex

How old do you have to be to become a fashion intern?

Generally, you need to be a student in fashion school. However, if you really are interested in fashion and present an interesting story and a great work ethic to potential employers, you could become an intern without being a student.

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is a art form that deals only with clothes and accessories. It has to do with culture, the time period, and social influences. Fashion only consists of two season and they are fall/winter or spring/summer. Designers present fashion shows based off of their ideas of what fashion for that season will look like but not only for just the runway but for retailers as well.

Why is zebra print popular?

It is a striking pattern and people, at present like that. In a little while it will go out of fashion.

How does money effect the fashion industry?

The present fashion industry would not exist without there being some people prepared to spend silly money on clothes. E.g. £30,000 for a dress.

What kind of clothes do people in Kenya wear?

Same clothing every one else wears. In terms of fashion there is heavy European influence.Rap culture is big so that fashion trend is present.

Looking for Young Women's Fashion trends summer 2014 ?

Check pinterest.com. They offer great advice when it comes to fashion trends. For the summer trends you could try to attend a fashion event where designers present their newest creations so you could have a personal impression.

What are Whitney Houston's interests?

Since Whitney Houston is no longer alive (she died in February 2012), we can not speak of her interests in the present. But we do know she loved fashion (at one time, she was a fashion model) and she loved singing.

Who are some famous french designers?

Few of the well-known French fashion designers are Bouchra Jarrar, Alice Lemoine, the Elisha Brothers and Vanessa Bruno. Some of the iconic fashion designers are still known at the present time because of their ability to exhibit the beauty in fashion.

Is fashion good for a Christian?

It could be good as it may help present you in a better light. However if it eclipses your belief, then that is a problem.

How many fashion shows do the fashion capitals have a year?

Well there are a bunch of fashion capitals but the ones we are more familiar with include New York, Milan, Paris and London. Somewhere there will always be fashion week so you cant really put a exact number on all of the shows the capitals present. The top 4 probably have 2-5 shows a year.

How do you spell creats?

The present tense, 3rd person singular is spelled creates(makes).The verb is "to create" (to make, build, or fashion).

What detail about his adventures woth gollum did Bilbo leave out when he told the dwarves the story?

He left out the finding of the ring, the fact that he at any point turned invisible, and later told them the ring was a present, and that he had it before he met Gollum.

How does economy affect changes in the fashion styles to pass the present?

http://in.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=87465 watch this...it may help:)

How can you dress like a fashion desinger?

Now you can dress like a fashion designer very easily. In present time many online fashion stores that provide huge collection of latest or fashionable dresses. Yepme.com is one of the best online stores that provide trendy or fashionable collection of clothes at very affordable price.

Can somebody tell you where you can find the fashion trend news and the elements detail also where you can find some friends around the work about handbag biz?

If we are here to discuss about fashion news and articles then I think the site which I found last night while I was searching for such fashion related stuff online is http://news.fibre2fashion.com which I think is having lot of fashion related stuff present online like news, articles, details of latest fashion weeks and much more. So, I think this will be the best option. I Loved it .....

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