Why did George Washington become a surveyor?

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He was a second son and wouldn't inherit from his father so he needed a profession. His father had him apprentice to a surveyor.
His father chose him for the apprenticeship. At this time a young man was not considered an adult until 21 years old so father's made decisions concerning the future of their children. Girls were married, the first born son inherited everything from the parents, and the second son was placed in a trade or apprenticeship. This is what happened to Washington. Surveyor was an honorable profession in the 1700's and his father was far sighted enough to figure out they were going to be needed. Washington avoided becoming a surveyor by becoming a British Officer in the French and Indian War. Which in turn, taught him skills that would be needed for the fight to come.
Because he thought that he would be come famous

How did Martha and George Washington become Federalists?

1 Martha's views are probably unknown. General Washington however, having been the president of the Constitutional Convention and having exercised considerable influence over the shaping of the document, naturally was a strong supporter of its ratification. It would hardly be rational to preside ov ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington become president?

George Washington was elected according to the procedure indicated in the newly ratified Constitution. As a successful military figure, as well as head of the Constitutional Convention, he was a natural choice as a national leader for the new United States. George Washington held the ragtag Colonial ( Full Answer )

What did George Washington do to become known?

He was Commanding General of the American Continental Army which defeated the British in the Revolutionary War leading to American independence, and was the first elected President of the USA

What year did George Washington become US president?

Answer 1789 George Washington was elected in 1788 to 1796. His vice presidentwas John Adams. He was independent of any party and he had noopponents. George Washington was president from April 30, 1789 until March 4,1797.

Why did George Washington not want to become president?

In 1796 Washington decided not to run for a third presidential term. He wrote that he was "tired of public life" and "devoutly [strongly] wished for retirement." He also wanted to remind Americans that the people were the country's true leaders. With the help of Alexander Hamilton and James Madi ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington become famous?

He helped gain Americans freedom from Britain in the 1750's, and was the first president. Before this, he was the general of the Continental Army. He became popular in the country because of his success in the war. Because of this he was offered to become King of America. He declined but agreed that ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington become a founding father?

He became a founding father by doing a good job in the congress and he also became the leader and controlled the Continential army. Then after doing a good job he got to sign the Constitution.

Why did George Washington want to become a soldier?

George Washington never truly said, oh i am going to grow up and become a soldier but his brother Lawrence fought in the british navy and that inspired George. When Lawrence died of tuberculosis, George decided to try and take over lawrences job as head of the Virginia Militia. I am guessing he was ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington become a general?

Basically, he lobbied for it. He showed up at the ContinentalCongress dressed in his Virginia Militia uniform and had theVirginia delegates nominate him.

What did George Washington become before becoming president?

Washington was the commander-in-chief of the colonial forces during the entire Revolutionary War. Not only did he conduct the war, but he also had to work constantly with the colonial governments to get supplies and men for his army. After war ended he was active in getting the new constitution wr ( Full Answer )

Why did George Washington want to become president?

George Washington became President because he believed that there must be a higher ranking authority in the United States. The rest of the founders developed the office of President with George Washington in mind and congress basically drafted him to serve in that position. Washington left office af ( Full Answer )

Did George Washington become king?

No. The United States is a Republic. Therefore they vote for an elected Head of State. Kings & Queens are represantative of Monarchic rule & are normally Herititary.

Was George Washington a surveyor?

Yes, he practiced this trade on the various Fairfax and Washington properties. this does not, however, make him an Engineer, like Colonel John Stevens, generally considered the founder of the Corps of Engineers- which was founded under the Colonial arms- so to speak on June l6, l775, so it antedates ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington Carver become famous?

He became famous after he discovered a lot of uses for peanuts (hehehe) like soap, food, etc. Also he came up with the idea of rotating crops through out the year so that all the nutrient isn't sucked out from the soil.

How did George Washington become the first President?

Washington was elected by the process specified in the newly ratified US Constitution. Only 10 states voted since NC and RI had not yet ratified the Constitution and New York was not able to get its electors selected in time. As for why he was elected- he had no serious opponents. He was the man eve ( Full Answer )

Why did George Washington become a rebel?

George Washington did not support Britain's taxation of the colonists. British imposed new taxes such as the Townshend Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, etc. to generate money to support it's economy which was weakened by the French and Indian War.. Washington also believed in the right of independence. H ( Full Answer )

When did George washington become important?

He became a person in the war and he was so good at it and people loved him people asked him to be king and people asked him to be president so he wanted to become president

How do you become a professional Land Surveyor?

To become a professional Land Surveyor you should complete your Bachelors Degree in Geodetic Engineering and poses a valid license issued by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Why did George Washington become a general?

Washington decided he was the only man to do the job. He had a uniform made and went to Congress. His argument to Congress was he was the only one with military experience from the French and Indian War ( he was a British officer in the war and really did make a mess of the job) and they should name ( Full Answer )

What did George Washington study before becoming president?

In 1749, Washington was appointed as surveyor for Culpepper County, Virginia after a trek for Lord Fairfax into the Blue Ridge Mountains. He was in the military from 1752-8 before being elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1759. He spoke against Britain's policies and became a leader in the ( Full Answer )

Did George Washington declined the opportunity to become king?

Colonel Nicola, spokesperson for his fellow officers, handed Washington the opportunity to become King! Yet, without hesitation it was turned down in no uncertain terms. A truly lasting tribute to his patriotic character.

When did George Washington become leader of colonial army?

1776. He got a uniform made and went to Congress to tell them he was the man for the job. There was debate about having him become the colonial commander, but he did have experience in the French and Indian war and looked good in a uniform. They told him that if he didn't do the job right they would ( Full Answer )

What did George Washington do to become a fine horseman?

I am sure there's some more detailed information on what types of training he had etc., but one interesting tidbit is that back in the day horses were small then they are today and George being a tall man at 6'3 was able to partially wrap his legs around the underside of the horse giving him added d ( Full Answer )

What did George Washington do to become a good patriot?

That is a good question.I have been wondering that myself,too. I guess people have the perception that since he was a general and that lead him to become the first president. He helped to win the revolution by being victorious at valley forge and also being a head general. Good question!

How did George Washington become a surveyor?

He was trained in the occupation after being denied permission tojoin the British Navy by his mother. Land surveyors were relativelyimportant at the time, as colonial settlement was pushing fartherwest.

Was George Washington eager to become president?

No, he wasn't, He actually described himself feeling like he was a man being led to his execution. However, because of his good character, he felt obligated to serve the country and became the president.

How did George Washington become Christian?

As an infant, George Washington was baptised as a member of the Anglican Church (Church of England) and attended church services with his family. Washington never got confirmed, even when he had the opportunity to do so. Washington served as vestryman to his Anglican Church in Virginia, taking oat ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington become General Washington?

by becoming the general of the Continental army or the American militia in the revolutionary war he asked the leaders of the committee of correspondence to allow him to become the general of the militia

How did Benjamin Banneker become a surveyor?

his friend asked him to help because he knows that Benjamin was smarter than him and he was a great inventor so when he asked Benjamin was delighted so he help him and they were both happy

How did George Washington become a citizen?

"he had never became a citizen he had just migrated over with the rest of the new land finders in the 1700's." George Washington was born in Westmoreland, Virginia Colony, British America. His mother and father were also born in Virginia. Virginia was under British control at the time which made ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington become the leader he is?

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