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First, when Hamlet sees the ghost who claims to be the Ghost of his father, the ghost tells him that Claudius Killed hamlet. He is unsure about that, but around act three scene 2 or three, Hamlet assembles this play for the king and the queen, and, seeing how Claudius responded to it, Hamlet seemed to be sure that he did indeed kill his Father

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Why does Laertes want revenge on Hamlet?

Laertes, in a parallel revenge, seeks revenge against Hamlet for killing his father, Polonius, and the early death of his sister Ophelia. Hamlet does die, but not before Laertes, so Laertes never does get his revenge against Hamlet

How is hamlet like Pyrrhus?

both want revenge for their fathers death

What is the revenge in Hamlet?

There are three revenge plots in Hamlet. Hamlet is seeking revenge against Claudius for the death of Hamlet Sr., Fortinbras is seeking revenge (at the beginning of the play) against Denmark generally for the death of Fortinbras Sr. and Laertes is seeking revenge against Hamlet for the death of Polonius.

Why was laertes seeking revenge against Hamlet?

Laertes wanted revenge against Hamlet because Hamlet killed his father, Polonius.

What does the ghost of king hamlet want?

He quite clearly states that he wants revenge for his murder.

Who is the protagonist in Hamlet?

Hamlet.hamlet is the protagonist because he fight for his dad and revenge

What example is it when Hamlet delays taking revenge?

when Claudius is praying and hamlet is there and thinks about killing him right then and there but he doesn't want Claudius to go to heaven

What type of play is Hamlet?

TragedyHamlet is a revenge tragedy.

In Hamlet who is getting revenge?

Three people. Hamlet is taking revenge on Claudius because he killed Hamlet's father. Laertes is taking revenge on Hamlet because he killed Laertes' father. Fortinbras is taking revenge on the whole country of Denmark because King Hamlet killed Fortinbras' father.

What does Hamlet want to do to the play?

Hamlet wants to make people think he is crazy that way he can get close enough to Claudius to kill him to revenge his father's death.

Which Shakespearean plays are considered revenge plays?

Shakespeare wrote two revenge plays: Hamlet and Titus Andronicus.

What is Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet about?

'Hamlet' is most basically a revenge play.

Themes in Hamlet?

Death, and revenge

What symbolises revenge in Hamlet?

The ghost.

How does Hamlet get his final revenge?

Hamlet succeeds in killing Claudius, but not before Hamlet himself is fatally wounded.

Hamlet is an example of which type of play?

Hamlet is a tragedy - a Revenge Tragedy to be precise.

What is the genre of the play Hamlet?

The play, Hamlet, is considered a Revenge Tragedy because Hamlet's quest for revenge results in much violence and death.

What motivates Hamlet?

Hamlet is motivated by the wish to avenge his father's murder. Revenge is what drives Hamlet throughout the play.

What the theme of Hamlet?


What is a key question for understanding the theme in Hamlet?

Why does hamlet hesitate to take revenge? -Apex-

Why does Hamlet want to kill claudius?

Claudius killed Hamlet's father to usurp the throne and take Queen Gertrude as his bride. So in revenge, Hamlet wants to kill Claudius.

Fortinbras from Hamlet?

In Hamlet, Fortinbras is the prince of Norway. His father was killed by the late King Hamlet and so he seeks revenge.

Can Hamlet be regarded as a revenge tragedy Why?

Yes, Hamlet is a revenge tragedy. One of the key if not the only key element of the plot is the question of Hamlet's revenge of his father's murder by his uncle. Many similarities can be drawn between Hamlet and the quintessential revenge tragedy, The Spanish Tragedy, including the appearance of a ghost, insanity, and a play within a play. And, as in all revenge tragedies, it ends in a bloodbath.

Did Shakespeare write revenge tragedies?

Yes, his most famous revenge tragedy is Hamlet. Another revenge tragedy is Macbeth.

What is the play hamlet subgenre?

It's a revenge tragedy.