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they immigrated to America so they could get better jobs, and to escape the unhealthiness of Italy

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Q: Why did Italians immigrate into the US?
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Why did most Italians immigrate to the US?

to get better jobs and get away from poverty.

Why did Italians immigrate to the us in the early 1900s?

Because the United States is the land of opportunity!

When did the Italians immigrate to Canada?

Italians immigrated to Canada in the 1800's

When did Italians first come to Australia?

In or about the year of 1870 was when Italians first came to Australia. Many young Italians who planned to immigrate to the US, ended up choose Australia instead.

Are there benefits for Italians to re-immigrate to Italy?

no I think not.

What was going on that made Italians want to immigrate?

Italians immigrated because they wanted freedom from their country

When did Italians first immigrate to Argentina?

Italians started to immigrate to Argentina in the late 19th century. In 1892 immigrants made up half of the population of Buenos Aries.

Why did Italians immigrate to North America?

they wanted a hot dog!

What caused Italians to immigrate to Ammerica?

because Italy sucks

Why did Italians immigrate to Canada world war 2?

because hawiee was full

Why do French people immigrate to the US?

to immigrate to America for more opportunities

Why did Pakistani immigrate to the US?

its safer in the us

Where did Alfred Hitchcock immigrate to?

The US.

Why did many people from Italy immigrate to America?

Financial stability, Most Italians were farmers and needed other sources of income.

If you dont live in the US how do you join the us marines?

immigrate to the US

How do you immigrate to England from US?

By sea or by air.

Why did Europeans immigrate to the US?

its the land of the free

When and why did Scandinavians immigrate to the US?

to get better land

How do you immigrate from US to china?

Marry a Chinese

Why do Mexicans imigrate into the US?

Mexicans immigrate into the US because they are seeking new opportunities. It is a misconception that the US has a well enough job market to immigrate. Other reasons to immigrate are financial troubles or to escape gangs and the drug crisis.

Why do Colombians immigrate to the us?

Many Colombians immigrate to the United States because of economic problems or violence.

Do Italians hate us?

I don't know where you are from. The Italians do not hate the British or the Americans.

When did Arabs immigrate to the US and how many?

About 200,000 Arabs migrated to the US

What pulled the Italians to the US?


Are Italians religious?

Some of us are.