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Jane Austen's father retired and moved to bath. As an unmarried young woman, Jane Austen was still living with her parents, and moved with them.

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Jane Austen went to Bath with her family in 1801 for social engagements and to seek treatment for her father's health. Bath was a fashionable city at the time, known for its social scene and healing waters, making it an appealing destination for the Austen family.

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Q: Why did Jane austen go to bath?
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Where did Jane Austen die?

Jane Austen was born in a village called Steventon, in the north of Hampshire. She lived at the rectory there until she was about twenty five years old, when she moved with her family to Bath..

Where did Jane Austen go to college?

Jane Austen went to Reading Abbey Girls' School

What was the city associated with Jane Austen and home of the Roman Baths?

This was the city of Bath, in Somerset, England.

Which novel by Jane Austen was set in the city of bath and got published posthumously?

Northanger Abbey.

What is Jane Austen's Full Name?

Jane Austen's real name is Jane Austen. There is no real evidence that I know of that says Jane has a middle name.

What is Jane Austen's middle name?

Jane Austen doesn't have a middle name.

Which is the novel written by Jane Austen which was set in the city of bath and got published posthumously?

Northanger Abbey.

Where did Jane Austen live in bath?

They did not live with anyone else during this time. Jane Austen's father took a residence at Bath in 1800, and she lived with him, with her mother and sister, until he died in January of 1805. At that point, she, her mother, and her sister, moved to different rented quarters until 1806, when they all moved to Southampton to share a house with her brother, Frank Austen, and his wife.

Where did Jane Austen live most of her life?

Jane Austen lived in Bath for a short time after her father retired from the ministry afterwards she lived in chawton with her mother in a home provided for them by her older brother edward where she lived for the last eight years of her life

Was Jane Austen Canadian?

No, Jane Austen was not Canadian. She was an English novelist known for her works such as "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility." Austen lived in England during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

What has the author Emma Austen-Leigh written?

Emma Austen-Leigh has written: 'Jane Austen and Bath' -- subject(s): Biography, English Novelists, Homes and haunts, Intellectual life, Literary landmarks, Novelists, English

When did Jane Austen's niece die?

After Jane Austen Died Of course