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Japan didn't surrender before the bombing because they wanted to get more favorable terms of surrender. The emperor wanted to maintain control of the nation and they did not want an occupation force that would keep them from building another military. On the other hand, the rest of the world did not want Japan to build their military and attack again, so the rest of the world required unconditional surrender. The Allies had already suffered enough loss during the war and did not want to send a million soldiers to their death in an invasion of Japan, so since the Emperor refused to surrender, the Allies used nuclear weapons to force compliance. There really was no other choice to President Truman at the time.

The Japanese did not surrender because they had too much honor. Their emperor would not accept defeat and their people would fight to the death. They were not afraid and even after the bombs were dropped they didn't surrender. The Japanese surrendered because of the Soviet's threat to attack them.

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Q: Why did Japan not surrender before the bombing?
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What are the chances for Japan to surrender in World War before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

There would have been NO surrender.

What led to bombing of Nagasaki?

The failure of Japan to surrender after the bombing of Hiroshima.

What is the bombing in Japan?

It was the measure to make Japan surrender in ww2.

What reaction did Japan have about the bombing of Nagasaki?


When did the states ask the Japanese to surrender before bombing japan?

The United States called for a surrender of Japan in the Potsdam Declaration on July 26, 1945, threatening Japan with "prompt and utter destruction".

What are the chances for Japan to surrender in World War before the bombing of Hiroshima?

There none before the bombs. Japanese were willing to dye fighting.

Bombing that forced japan to surrender?

The one dropped on Nagasaki.

What was Japan's reation to the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki?

unconditional surrender.

What was the outcome after US bombed Japan?

Japan agreed to surrender about a week after the Nagasaki bombing.

Why did Japan not surrendered before the bombing?

Actually, Japan knew it was time to surrender. History gives us details and we can write more than 20 pages on the subject.

What would have stopped the bombing of Japan?

Them bombing us first.

Why didn't japan surrender after the first atomic bomb drop?

They did surrender, because lots of their people died from the bombing.

Why did the United states drop a second atomic bomb on Japan?

Japan refused to surrender after the bombing of Hiroshima.

The Japanese refused to surrender after the atomic bombing of what?

The bombing of Hiroshima, they surrender after the bombing of Nagasaki.

Why did the US drop a 2nd atomic bomb on Japan?

The Allies required unconditional surrender of the Japanese forces. The war in Europe had ended months before. When surrender did not come after the first bombing, a second bombing was carried out about 3 days later. About a week after the second bomb, Japan surrendered. See link for more details.

Did the bombing of Pearl Harbor cause the Japanese to surrender?

No. The bombing of Pearl Harbor caused the US to enter the war against Japan.

Did Japan refuse to surrender after the bombing of Hiroshima?

No, Japan didn't immediately refuse after the bombing of Hiroshima. After the bombing, Emperor Hirohito (the Japanese leader during the Second World War) went into consultation with the Imperial War Council (of Japan) where they were deciding whether or not to surrender. However, three days after the bombing of Hiroshima, America bombed Japan again, this time in Nagasaki. Roughly a week after the Nagasaki bombing, Emperor Hirohito on 15 August 1945 announced surrender via radio broadcast. He officially surrendered in written agreement later that year on 2 September 1945.

The outcome of the bombing of Nagasaki?

to bring an end of WW2, but also to make japan surrender

Did japan try to surrender before the atomic bombing?

In fact they were and in fact, they were such fools. Knowing the war was lost for everyone in the axis side, they didn't surrendered in time.

What does the bombing of Hiroshima have to do with the relations of japan and US?

After the atomic bombs, Japan surrender unconditionally since then, nothing happen in Japan without the US knowing it.

What caused the bombing of Hiroshima?

japan didnt wanna surrender so America used the a bomb.

Was the bombing necessary to end the war or was Japan on the venge of surrender?

Most people think so.

Why did the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing happen?

The US and Japan were at war. The US called on Japan to surrender- Japan refused. After 2 atomic weapons were dropepd on Japan, they surrendered.

Do you think the US was wrong for bombing Japan?

Yes, without it the Japanese would probably never surrender.

Did japan surrender after the bombing or hiroshima?

The bombs were dropped on 6 and 9 of august 1945 and Japan surrendered on the 14th, so the answers is yes.