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He was in love with her

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The female character that related to King Kong was Ann Darrow.

In the original 1933 version, Ann Darrow is played by Fay Wray. In the 2005 remake by Peter Jackson, Ann Darrow is played by Naomi Watts.

I don't think so as he falls in love with the beautiful Ann Darrow, a woman ;-)

In the 2005 version the actress that plays Ann Darrow is Naomi Watts.

Ann Darrow played by Fay Wary in the Original Naomi Watts in the 2005 remake

There is no 1993 version of "King Kong". In the 1933 version, Fay Wray played 'Ann Darrow'.

Fay Wray...Ann Darrow Robert Armstrong...Carl Denham Bruce Cabot...John Driscoll Frank Reicher...Captain Englehorn Noble Johnson...Native Chief King Kong...Himself

The name of the girl was Ann Darrow and she was played by Fay Wray in the 1933 version, Jessica Lange in the 1976 version, and Naomi Watts in the 2005 version.

Naomi Watts played this character

There are actually thee stars in the movie King Kong, who are Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot, and Robert Armstrong. Fay Wray played as Ann, who was considered to have the most screen time.

The cast of The Mighty Kong - 1998 includes: Jodi Benson as Ann Darrow Michael Dobson Paul Dobson Randy Hamilton as Jack Driscoll Ian James Corlett Richard Newman as Captain William Sage as Roscoe

Fay Wray plays Ann Darrow in King Kong (1933).For more information on her, see the Related Link below.

Rebecca Ann King was born in 1950.

It depends on the version of movie you are referring to. In 1993 Anne was played by Fay Wray. Naomi Ellen Watts is in the 2005 version.

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Godzilla Godzilla would win because he could blow atomic breath on him, besides they don't call him" The King of The Monsters" for nothing. Yeah, and I don't see Godzilla ever falling in love with some girl and DYING because of it. That's right, King Kong is dead and Godzilla is NOT!!! Godzilla is definitely stronger. Chuck Norris Godzilla would easily defeat King Kong for many reasons 1. Godzilla has an incredible size that spans from anywhere from 30-50 stories King Kong is only 20 ft. so Godzilla could easily squish Kong 2. Godzilla's immense radiation, there's a high chance Kong would die being exposed to Godzilla 3. Bullets from a I'd say post or pre WWII plane took out Kong. Whereas using missiles against Godzilla is useless. Godzilla has his atomic blast which would incinerate Kong. The fishy game rocks Godzilla would win mainly because of his regeneration powers but he died 2 times already. The first time was in the water when he was sleeping and the second time was when he overloaded and godzooke took over as Godzilla. But King Kong is just a big ape that has no powers but in the old movie King Kong won and Godzilla ran when Kong through Godzilla in the sea. well if you were to watch the film Godzilla vs King Kong, some light is shed on the topic. In the Japanese version, both creatures fall into the sea and can be heard roaring as the credits close, therefore a draw would surely be called. However, in the US adaptation it would appear that Kong is victorious as he can be seen swimming away whereas Godzilla is nowhere to be seen. However, I am inclined to back Godzilla as King Kong clearly has a weakness in the fact that he has human feelings (Ann Darrow) and hence may hesitate to strike a fatal blow, whereas Godzilla is much more ruthless.

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He wanted to see the sunset like he did back on Skull Island. This is why Carl Denham says "it was beauty that killed the beast" because of the sunset and because of Ann.

Rebecca King's birth name is Rebecca Ann King.

Kong is a 50 foot tall ape. In the 2005 version(cause that's the only version I've seen),There's a man named Carl(Jack Black) who is a director. He wants to make a movie on a place called Skull Island. But in the process, a guy from the crew dies and Ann(Naomi Watts) is taken by people who live on the island and King Kong takes her. Jack,Carl,Hayes and the rest of the gang go on a journey to find her. Many people die during that journey including Hayes. At the end of the film,Kong goes to New York City and climbs the Empire State Building. Airplanes shoot Kong, causing him to fall of the Empire State Building,which kills Kong.

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