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Lizzie Borden

Why did Lizzie Borden kill her parents?


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December 09, 2011 1:43AM

Proof she did:

She burned a bloody blue dress and she was wearing a blue dress the day of murders

She kept on asking Bridget(The maid) if she was going out the day on the murders

She and the maid were the only two people in the house

When the judge asked her the same question which was: where were you when your father came home? she changed her answer at least 10 times

She didn't like her stepmother and had recently had an argument with her dad

The night before the murders, she went to a neighboor and said: she thought some enemy of the dad was going to kill him soon

She tried to buy poison from a Pharmacy a few days before the murder

The police found no evidence of someone breaking in and killing them

She didnt notice the body of her father until the minute he got killed

There is a lot more proof than this

My theory:

A day before the murders, Lizzie Borden tried to buy a type of deadly poisoning, maybe she tried to poison her parents first, but she didnt get to buy it. So instead, She got an ax thing and whacked her parents with it. On that day, a neighboor saw her burning a bloody blue dress, which she was wearing a blue dress on the day of the murders. After she killed the parents, she changed her clothes and burned the dress. But in the trial, she denied it was blood and said it was red paint!? But after all that, how did Lizzie and Bridget not see the bodies? All the doors were wide open exept the front door. MY other theory was that Bridget and Lizzie were both into the plan!

No one will ever know...