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Why did Mrs.Rosa Parks die?

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I not really sure how Rosa Parks died, but she died Octber 24, 2005. I am also doing a project on her, Im going to dress up as her!

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Wherewhen and how did Rosa Parks die?

rosa parks die because of a natural cause.

Why did Rosa parks die and when what date did she die?

Rosa Parks because she was diagnosed with progressive dementia

When did Gorham Parks die?

Gorham Parks died in 1877.

When did Lyman Parks die?

Lyman Parks died in 2009.

When did Rich Parks die?

Rich Parks died in 1978.

When did Slicker Parks die?

Slicker Parks died in 1978.

When did James Parks die?

James Parks died in 1929.

When did Frederick Parks die?

Frederick Parks died in 1945.

When did Leighton Parks die?

Leighton Parks died in 1938.

Did Raymond parks die before Rosa parks?

Rosa Parks husband died before her.

When did Ed Parks die?

Ed Parks died in 1987-06.

Why did Rosa parks dad die?

Rosa parks dad died of cancer.

When did Carson Parks die?

Carson Parks died on 2005-06-22.

When did Frank Parks die?

Frank Parks died on 1945-05-14.

When did Larry Parks die?

Larry Parks died on 1975-04-13.

When did Bronza Parks die?

Bronza Parks died on 1958-05-13.

When did Bill Parks die?

Bill Parks died on 1911-10-10.

When did Billy Parks die?

Billy Parks died on 2009-07-22.

When did Winfield Parks die?

Winfield Parks died on 1977-08-11.

When did Oliver Parks die?

Oliver Parks died on 1985-02-28.

When did Charles Darling Parks die?

Charles Darling Parks died in 1929.

What hospital did Rosa Parks die in?

Rosa Parks died in her apartment, not in a hospital.

When did Rosa Parks' husband die?

Rosa Parks' husband, Raymond Parks, died on August 19, 1977.

Did Rosa parks die in jail?


What did Rosa parks die from?