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Odysseus tells Polyphemus that his name was No Man, or Nobody, to trick the cyclops as shown later: When the cyclops called for help he says, "No Man did this!", "No Man has blinded me", "No Man is hurting me!" making him look like a fool to the other cyclops, and casting doubt as to whether the injuring event in question has actually happened.

This happened in book 9, 'The Cyclops'. Odysseus is known for his wisdom and his cunning ways. He realized that the Cyclops must be attacked for him to save himself and his crew, and planned far in advance so that the other Cyclops do not interfere when the time came. Polyphemus was easily fooled.

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Q: Why did Odysseus tell Polyphemus that his name was No Man?
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Odysseus tricked polyphemus by?

saying his name was "no man."

What did Odysseus tell Polyphemus that his name was no man how did this help him?

When Odysseus introduced himself as "No Man," he cunningly deceived Polyphemus, the Cyclops. By doing so, Odysseus made it difficult for Polyphemus to identify him later when seeking vengeance. As a result, when Odysseus and his men blinded the Cyclops and escaped, Polyphemus couldn't call out a specific name for help, allowing Odysseus to continue on his journey without immediate retribution.

Who is Polyphemus and what is his relation to Odysseus?

Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon, who hated Odysseus. Polyphemus knew nothing of Odysseus until he found Odysseus and his men in Polyphemus' cave, although he was once told by the sage Telemus that he would be blinded someday by a man named Odysseus.

How does Odysseus trick the Cyclops Polyphemus?

ShipOdysseus tricked Polyphemus by telling Polyphemus that his ship was wrecked. This tricked Polyphemus into not looking for the ship.NameOdysseus tricked Polyphemus by saying his name was "No Man" or "Nobody". When the cyclops called for help, his friends thought "Nobody" was hurting him.DrunkennessOdysseus tricked Polyphemus into getting drunk and falling asleep. They could then stab Polyphemus in the eye.EscapeOdysseus tricked Polyphemus into letting him and his men escape by hiding under the sheep as they exited the cave. Odysseus hid under the largest ram.

Why don't the other Cyclops giants help Polyphemus?

Odysseus tricked Polythemus by telling him that his name was "Nohbdy." When Polythemus shouted for help, he yelled "Help, NOHBDY has blinded me." When the other cyclopes heard that NOBODY had hurt him, they laughed and went back to their own business.

Why despite the wizards prediction is polyphemus surprised by Odysseus?

Odysseus is a much smaller man than he expected (surprised by his power)

What hero battled Polyphemus?

I wouldn't call it a battle, per se, but Polyphemus was the Cyclops that imprisoned Odysseus and his men. Odysseus put out his eye and tricked the giant into saying that No Man hurt him when calling for aid.

How does Polyphemus kill Odysseus' men?

Polyphemus grabs two men, one man in each hand, and smashes their heads against the ground. He does this 3 times, killing 6 of Odysseus' best men.

What was Odysseus reasoning as he called out to polyohemus that he Odysseus was the one who put out his eye?

Not knowing the parentage of Polyphemus (his father was Poseidon, who was already upset with Odysseus), and being a proud man, he probably thought that there was nothing that Polyphemus could do to him once he was on his boat. He was wrong, of course.

When the giant Cyclops asked Odysseus his name what name did Odysseus give to him?

Odysseus told the Cyclops his name was "Noman" (or no one in the literal Greek) as in Nobody so he tricks him. When Polyphemus cries out to his fellow Cyclopes for help he says "Noman is killing me." One of his fellows says that if "no man" is killing him, it must be illness (a divine affliction).

What did the oracle of telemus prophesy?

He warned the Cyclops Polyphemus that the giant would lose his sight to a man named Odysseus.

What do Odysseus and his men do to Polyphemus the Cyclops before they escape?

Gets him drunkOdysseus gets Polyphemus drunk on wine, so much so that Polyphemus falls into a deep sleep.Pokes out his eyeWhen Polyphemus has fallen asleep, Odysseus and his men grab a large burning log, and wrap leather around the end. They thrust the burning log into the Cyclops Polyphemus' eye, at the same time pulling the leather around the log so that the flaming log burrows like a screw into his eye. This blinds Polyphemus and causes him to bleed profusely.Makes him look like a foolOdysseus earlier tricks Polyphemus by saying his name is No Man, or Nobody. After having his eye gouged, Polyphemus cries out for help saying "Nobody is hurting me!", making the other Cyclops laugh at Polyphemus' ridiculousness.Taunts himAs Odysseus and his crew are escaping, Odysseus taunts Polyphemus, revealing his true name.