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Okonkwo did not kill any missionary.

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Q: Why did Okonkwo kill the missionary?
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What chapter does Okonkwo kill Ikemefuna in?

Okonkwo kills Ikemefuna during chapter 7.

Who is Ladies Missionary Society in To Kill a Mockingbird?

A group of Southern Missionary ladies in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

How did okonkwo kill himself in the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe?

Okonkwo hung himself.

How does Okonkwo accidentally kill a tribesman?

Okonkwo's gun accidentally explodes during a funeral, killing the deceased Ekeudu's son.

How does Okonkwo want to deal with the white men in Umuofia?

Okonkwo wishes that they could kill the white men and their messengers, driving them from the land. However, Okonkwo initially agrees to talk to the Commissioner when he summons the leaders of Umuofia to talk. After being tricked, Okonkwo resumes his position of wanting to kill the white men.

Why does Okonkwo threaten to kill Nwoye?

Okonkwo finds out that Nwoye has been associating with the Christians. Okonkwo confronts Nwoye, holding Nwoye by the neck and asking where he has been, but Nwoye struggles to escape as opposed answering the question. Okonkwo threatens to kill him if he does not answer, and begins beating Nwoye with a stick while still holding him. After Nwoye (Isaac) converts and Okonkwo returns to Umuofia, Nwoye returns to Okonkwo to tell him that he is to become a teacher in Umuru. However, Okonkwo, having disowned Nwoye for abandoning his father's gods, threatens to kill Nwoye if he is ever in his compound again.

Does Okonkwo kill his wife?

No, Okonkwo beats his wives, and has killed men in combat, even taking the skull of one as a drinking cup.

Why did Okonkwo disobey the oracle's advice and kill Ikemefuna?

Okonkwo did no such thing. The oracle had declared that Ikemefuna must die. It was Ezeudu who gave Okonkwo the advice to not bear a hand in Ikemefuna's death.

How does Okonkwo react to Nwoye's conversion to Christianity?

Okonkwo disowns Nwoye, calling Nwoye an abomination to the rest of his children. When Okonkwo sees Nwoye again, threatens to kill him if he sees him again.

Did Okonkwo kill a woman from Umuofia?

No, this deed was done by a man from Mbaino.

Who does okonkwo kill during the funeral?

the son of the man being burried

Why did Okonkwo kill Ikemefuna?

The oracle concluded that Ikemefuma must die. Okonkwo kills Ikemefuma to show his peers that he is not weak. It is ironic that Ikemefuna is, besides Okonkwo, the most manly man in his family.

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