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President Nixon responded to public pressure for environmental reforms.

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Q: Why did President Richard Nixon create the Environmental Protection Agency?
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Who created the Enviromental Protection Agency?

Richard M. Nixon our 37th president created the Environmental Protection Agency.

Which President supported the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

Richard Nixon

Which president supported the creation of the environmental protection agency?

Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to take an active interest in laws to enforce conservation of the natural environment.

When was California Environmental Protection Agency created?

The Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) was proposed by Richard Nixon, passed by Congress, and then signed into law by Nixon. It began operation on December 2, 1970

What is the function of EPA?

The function of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to write and enforce laws to protect the environment and people. The EPA was started when President Richard Nixon was in office.

Which president signed the national enviromental protection act which created the enviromental protection agency?

Richard nixon

If a company was believed to be dumping waste into a river agency would investigate?

Environmental Protection Agency

What is the budget of California Environmental Protection Agency?

The budget of California Environmental Protection Agency is 1,800,000,000 dollars.

What describes nixons policies in relation to the environmental?

He created the Environmental Protection Agency. . . .APEX (:

Because of the concerns of the public about pollution Richard Nixon established what?

The Environmental Protection Agency was created by Richard Nixon due to public concerns about pollution.

What is the EPA and what is it good for?

Many countries and states have organizations of this name or similar, set up to organize and coordinate efforts at environmental protection: * United States Environmental Protection Agency: * Queensland Environmental Protection Agency: * Environment Protection Agency, Victoria: * South Australian Environmental Protection Agency: * Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW: * Environmental Protection Authority WA: * California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA): * Illinois Environmental Protection Agency: * Environmental Protection Agency - Ghana - Home: * Scottish Environment Protection Agency: * Environment Agency - UK: * Environmental Protection Agency Ireland: * Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency: What was.. or Is the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency? It is a government appointed group to investigate environmental issues including pollution caused by a company or a group of individuals. They also are in place to monitor the environment for any anomalies and suggest ways of fixing any problems that may occur. They also monitor causes of pollution in the air and water. Among a heck of a lot of other issues. In short they try to "Protect" the "Environment".

Which of these is not part of the Department of the Interior?

EPA Environmental Protection Agency