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Q: Why did Sam Houston try to replace Felix Houston with Albert Sidney Johnson?
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Who used the pen name Cato to denounced constitution?

"Just one week after the text [The Constitution] was published, a New York newspaper denounced the Constitution in an article penned under the pseudonym "Cato." Cato was in fact the governor of the state, George Clinton. He was soon joined by "Sidney" and "Brutus" in a series of Anti-Federalist articles."-BJU textbook (United States History) p.147

How many children does john Mc Cain have?

John McCain has 7 children,but only one were not really theirs Yes, 7 of them. thanks for asking on wiki!!!!!! :D

What was the framers argument against creating a pure democracy?

I'm glad you used the more sensible phrase framers ( rather than the often ambiguous Founding Fathers which could apply to the Pilgrims, etc) well they were afraid that public opinion could get out control ( witness the French Revolution) there was also a feeling that genuine popular government was and is an impossibility. a certain utility argument towards a Big wheel ( the term Big Brother had not yet been coined) sort of wheelhouse presidency was certainly viable- Washington, one might add RAN UNOPPOSED, the only US president in history to do so. also the whole idea was new ( government by the people_ so it made sense to go at it slowly, not full blast. ) It might be worth mentioning in the period of roughly the roaring twenties- and not evidentally connected either for or against Communism- there were SOME political theorists who espoused, among other things- Government control of all transportation on main lines ( then, chiefly, Railroads) various protective legislation ( prohibition was one start, that fizzled out) and something of an Orwellian control system . One such writer was on Sidney Sheldon, who penned In His Steps Today- which was written in the twenties- I read a copy of this many years ago in the Hoboken Public Library and thought ( this guy thinks like a Nazi, though there were no racial elements) In power Sheldonism would be a sneeze away from dictatorship, then again the idea that the citizen was something like a Hooky-Club juvenile miscreant- kids don't know what's good for them- the paternalistic brand of politics still with us. the possibility of a borderline dictatorial scheme was serious enough Herbert Hoover wrote a book about it also around l928 called The Challenge to Liberty, read it!

Where did the US presidents attend college?

George Washington: No CollegeJohn Adams: Grad -- Harvard College (now Harvard Univeristy) in 1755.Thomas Jefferson: Grad -- the College of Willaim & Mary (VA) in 1762.James Madison: Grad -- the College of New Jersey (now Princeton) in 1771.James Monroe: College of William and Mary -no degreeJohn Quincy Adams: Grad -- Harvard College in 1788.Andrew Jackson: No DegreeMartin Van Buren: No DegreeWilliam Henry Harrison: Hampdon-Sidney and Penn. Medical -No DegreeJohn Tyler: Grad -- College of William & Mary (VA) in 1807.James K. Polk: Grad -- University of North Carolina in 1818.Zachary Taylor: No CollegeMillard Fillmore: No ColegeFranklin Pierce: Grad -- Bowdoin College in 1824.James Buchanan: Grad -- Dickinson College in 1809.Abraham Lincoln: No collegeAndrew Johnson: No collegeUlysses S. Grant: Grad -- United States Millitary Academy (West Point) in 1843.Rutherford B. Hayes: Grad --Kenyon College and Harvard Law School in 1845.James A. Garfield: Grad -- Williams College in 1856.Chester A. Arthur: Grad -- Union College in 1848.Grover Cleveland: No collegeBenjamin Harrison: Grad -- Miami Univeristy (Ohio) in 1852.William McKinley: Graduated from Poland Seminary, but never took a degree.Theodore Roosevelt: Grad -- Harvard College in 1880.William Howard Taft: Grad -- Yale in 1878 & Cincinnati Law School in 1880.Woodrow Wilson: Grad -- Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D. History & Poly Sci, 1886.Warren G. Harding: Grad -- Ohio Central College in 1882.Calvin Coolidge: Grad -- Amherst College in 1897.Herbert Hoover: Grad -- Stanford University in 1895.Franklin D. Roosevelt: Grad -- Harvard University in 1904.Harry S. Truman: Kansas City Law School -No DegreeDwight D. Eisenhower: Grad -- United States Millitary Academy (West Point) in 1915.John F. Kennedy: Grad -- Harvard Univeristy in 1940.Lyndon B. Johnson: Grad -- Southwest Texas State in 1930.Richard Nixon: Grad -- Duke University, School of Law in 1937.Gerald R. Ford: Grad -- University of Michigan, B.A. Economics in 1935 & Yale Law School, Ll.B. in 1940.Jimmy Carter: Grad -- United States Naval Academy in 1945.Ronald Regan: Grad -- Eureka College in 1932.George H.W. Bush: Grad -- Yale in 1948.Bill Clinton: Grad -- Yale Law School in 1973.George W. Bush: Grad -- Yale, B.A. History in 1968 & Harvard Business School, MBA in 1975.Barack Obama: Grad -- Harvard Law School in 1991.

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Why did sam Houston try to replace Felix Houston with albert Sidney johnston?

He replaced felix because he wanted a nother chance to beat the Mexicans. And he wanted to defeat and get refvenge on the Mexicans.

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What is Albert Sidney Johnston's birthday?

Albert Sidney Johnston was born on February 2, 1803.

When was Albert Sidney Johnston born?

Albert Sidney Johnston was born on February 2, 1803.

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Albert Sidney Johnston died on April 6, 1862 at the age of 59.