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Why did Shakespeare want to invent words?

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Shakespeare didn't invent many words, just masterfully used those in existence to write plays and poems.

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How many words did shakespeare acutally invent?

how many words did shakespeare invent

What words did William Shakespeare invent?


Did William Shakespeare invent words you use today?

Many common words such as "eyeball" have their first recorded use in the works of Shakespeare.

Which 3 words did shakespeare invent?

Shakespeare invented a lot more than three words. Some of the ones he did invent are eyeball, assassination and superflux (OK, that last one didn't exactly take off).

How many words did Shakespeare know and use and how did he invent them?

none what so ever

Did Shakespeare invent word?

There are scores of words and phrases that Shakespeare coined which have become part of everyday household words in English language. One such phrase would be "household words."

What two words that you still use did Shakespeare invent?

Assassination and eyeball spring to mind.

Did shakespeare invent some of the words you use today?

He invented over this many wordsYes, "eyeball" for example.

Did Shakespeare invent jokes?


Was Shakespeare an inventor?

Not unless you count inventing new words. He sure didn't invent new plots.

Did Shakespeare invent Brutus?

No, Shakespeare did not invent Marcus Brutus. He was a real person who really participated in the assasssination of Julius Caesar.

Shakespeare invent the play Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare certainly wrote the play Romeo and Juliet, unless you subscribe to the theory that someone else wrote all of his plays under his name. Shakespeare did not invent the plot of Romeo and Juliet, but then Shakespeare did not invent any of his plots.

Did William Shakespeare invent the violin?

No, he did not.

Did Shakespeare invent the word puke?

A master of words, it has been suggested that Shakespeare invented over 10,000 words. However, the Oxford English Dictionary has verified that the playwright has coined at least 430 words, including "puke", "Dalmation", and "leapfrog".

What three words did Shakespeare invent?

Some of the words which were first noted in Shakespeare's work are eyeball, assassination and puke. The attached link has a long list of words that he has invented on it.

Did William Shakespeare invent words and phrases?

yes during hes time on earth he introduced over 2000 new words to the English language

What did Shakespeare invent?

He invented the word "assassination"

Did Shakespeare invent the word lonely?

no he didnt

Why did Shakespeare invent plays?

Shakespeare didn't invent the idea of plays. It was the Greeks who did that. He did however write a number of them, for the purpose of making money for himself and his partners.

Did Shakespeare invent words?

Yes, he is credited with creating 1700 new words. A lot of these were using a word as a new part of speech. For example, the word "assassin" existed, but Shakespeare invented "assassination"Just think, the average English speaker knows 4000 words altogether. The number of words Shakespeare invented is over 40% of that number.Yet fact does not always support the legend. Shakespeare was a great writer of English. Perhaps he was even the greatest. This makes Shakespeare an easy target for misinformation. Ryan Buda wrote a useful article entitled Did Shakespeare Invent and Make up English Words and Phrases, which provides an interesting take on the subject. Check it out in the related linkssection below

What words did Shakespeare invent?

Words like eyeball, puking, skim milk, obscene, hot blooded, epileptic, and wormhole are very likely inventions of Shakespeare. But many word origins are difficult to trace. And furthermore, lists that claim to contain Shakespeare originals are often filled with numerous errors. The history of Shakespeare, it seems, is dotted with wishful thinking and overzealous devoution to the playwright's contribution to the English language. Ryan Buda wrote a useful article on the subject entitled Did Shakespeare Invent and Make up English Words and Phrases. A link is provided in the Related Links section.

What would shakespeare invent to suit his purpose?

Words! If he couldn't find a word to fit, he made one up. Good system I think!

How many words did Shakespeare invent?

He invented about 2,000 to 5,000 words... but some people think he invented up to 8,000g. Sadly, it is impossible to know for sure. John Marcone points out in his book Brush up Your Shakespeare, "Just because [Shakespeare] was a regular phrase-coining machine doesn't mean he should hog the credit when the facts are against him". Lists of supposed Shakespeare words Far to often contain words that evidence suggests should not go to his credit. Other external factors also contribute to this misinformation. Visit my page entitled Did Shakespeare Invent and Make up English Words and Phrases in the Related Links section below for more on Shakespeare's purported word inventing prowess.

How many did Shakespeare did he know and how many did he invent?

He invented them all.

What words or phrases did William Shakespeare invent?

Eyeball, assassination, "to thine own self be true", "there's method in his madness", "it was Greek to me" and hordes of others.

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