Why did Spain fight France and England?

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Spain fought France and England because French and English claims to Noth America angered Spain. Also coused by religious conficts and the quest for national power. Also religious differences also led to confict between England and Spain.
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Why did England France Spain explore the America?

England came to America to get religious freedo Spain came to America for gold!!! i don't know about France They mainly came for three things... God, Gold, and Glory.

What area did France and England fight over?

At the beginning of 1940 the French and English fought Nazi Germans in the Dunkirk, Calais area and lost. . They fought together in France after the Normandy Invasion.

Did Joan fight for France or England?

Joan of Arc, also known as Jeanne D'Arc, also known as the Maid ofOrleans, also known as La Pucelle d'Orléans, fought for France.

Why have Spain and France been rivals of England in the past?

Answer 1 Yes, several times in the past. They were rivals of England in the Middle Ages and during the colonization of the world. Answer 2 They have been rivals with En