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If you are looking to get back out into the working world with a better job and better opportunities, your best choice might be to go back to school and get certified in a lucrative area. Once you have done this, you will make yourself a more viable candidate for all sorts of jobs. The truth is that going to a two-year college might be a better choice for people than if they go to a four-year college. This is due to the fact that those people who go to a two-year college get better on the job training. When you have more extensive on the job training, you will be more qualified for any job you can imagine.

Not every college program has on the job training included in the course listings, but if you are looking to go back, you should definitely find a program that offers that type of training as part of your course package. When you can get on the job training included in your education, you will have a much better shot of landing the position of your dreams eventually. You will also be a more desirable employee than a student that just came out of college with no experience at all.

There are many jobs that you can hope to get with intensive on the job training including positions in nursing, teaching, maintenance and much more. These are the types of jobs where people are looking for employees who have experience built already. That way, they won’t have to train you as extensively as they would someone who is fresh out of school with little to know experience at all. If you are stuck in a dead end job and you are looking for a better opportunity for your life, this would be a wonderful direction to take.

Although you might find a job without proper on the job training, your chances of landing the position of your dreams is significantly smaller without that specialized training. Make sure you do everything you can to be sure you have all of the experience you need to land that perfect position. On the job training will help you do just that.

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Q: Why did Stalin refused aid from the us-sponsored Marshall Plan?
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Why did stalin refuse aid from the us-sponserd marshall plan?

Stalin refused the Marshall Plan because he felt the plan was a way for the United States to spread capitalism. Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1952.

Iron curtains nations refused to accept marshall plan aid because what?

Iron curtains nations refused to accept Marshall plan aid because Stalin refused to allow any ties between his satellites and his only strong national rival.

Why did western European economies grow faster than eastern European economies after World War II?

The Marshall Plan helped the West recover faster. under pressure from stalin, eastern europe countries refused aid from the united states

What policiy was established by the soviet union in response to george marshall?

The Soviet Union made COMECON to encourage trade and production among the socialist countries (Made by Stalin in 1949). The sociailst countries with the leadership of and order from the Soviet Union refused the Marshall Plan.

Why did Molotov object to the Marshall plan?

He did not object to the marshall plan. Stalin did and this was because he was still not too sure whether to stay as an ally of the U.S.A or to split off from it.

How did the soviet union react to the Marshall Plan?

They disregarded it and chose to take care of themselves and their "new satellite nations" now known as the Eastern Bloc.

What did Stalin think of the Marshall plan?

Stalin thought the Marshall plan was a plan to undermine Western Europe and prevented any of the Cominform to take place in the discussion in Europe.

What was stalin's reation to the marshall plan?

He declined it because he felt that the US we keep that against the Russians.

What did Stalin say about the Marshall Plan?

Stalin said the Marshall Plan was just a capitalist ploy to bring down Soviet socialism in general and Communist Party rule in particular. In order to qualify for aid under the Marchall Plan, a country had to pledge that it would provide a democratic form of government. This is something Stalin could never agree to, because the country would probably vote the Communist Party out of office and him along with it.

Why did Stalin refuse aid from the U.S.-sponsored Marshall Plan?

He wanted to send a message of self-sufficiency to his communist allies.

. Why did Stalin refuse aid from the U.S.-sponsored Marshall Plan?

He wanted to send a message of self-sufficiency to his communist allies.

Which countries accepted economic aid from the marshall plan but refused member of NATO by 1955?

Spain,sweden,and austria