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Why did That's So Raven get canceled?


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Because Raven Wanted to go do other things beside Disney and she was getting to hold :( i really did like it

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i am a big fan of that so raven and i wanted to know why that so raven got canceled?

Thats so raven went from 2003 - 2007

If you mean the show got canceled, then yes. Raven Samone was getting too old. If you mean Raven died in the show, then no. I'm not sure they had an ending show.

Anneliese van der Pol Played Chelsea, one of the main characters in Disney's "Thats so Raven" And Raven Baxter, Is Played by Raven Symone.

David Henry plays larry on thats so raven

That's so Raven' was cancelled because Raven wanted to explore different avenues. Raven had different acting offers that she wanted to pursue without distractions.

i believe California,san fransico

Thats So Raven comes on i think at 3pm or 2:30pm and because its an old show so it doesnt always come on. If none of these are working then it probaby moved to disney xd.

It's called "Test of Friendship"

Giggty gitty gitty goo hehe woo woo

the characters in the tv show "thats so raven" are Chealsey, (played by anneliese van der Pol) Eddie, (played by Orlando Brown) Raven, (played by Raven Symone) Cory, (played by Kyle Massey) and Victor, (Raven's dad on the show played by Rondell Shieridan) - Raven

No, while the program "That's So Raven" was canceled in 2007, Raven Symone, the actress who played her, is very much alive and as of 2015, still working on television, most recently in the hit TV show "Empire."

no one knows when he got out of jail but i do know that they canceled the show "That's so Raven" because Orlando Brown got in jail and that Raven Symoné was to old for Disney channel

No. You are probebly thinking of "Thats so raven" where he was part of corys band.

No they discontinued the show all of the actors moved on That's what I was saying. The show got canceled.

They finished filiming the show long before Corey in the House started promoting. I heard it from Raven herself when she was on Regis and Kelly.  You can still see episodes on Disney channel. It was cancelled

There was a dispute between her and the dispute about her character so she quit.

Raven Symone plays a number of characters on different t.v. shows. such as, THE COSBY SHOW as OLIVIA KENDALL, HANGIN' WITH MR. COOPER as NICOLE LEE, KIM POSSIBLE as MONIQUE, & THATS SO RAVEN as RAVEN BAXTER. raven symones birthday is December 10th, 1985.

She stopped doing hannah montana because i think she got to old to be on disney channel like raven got to old to do thats so raven

Raven Symone used to be an actress for many shows and movies one of her most famous movies was "College Road Trip" and she also starred in "Thats so Raven" on Disney Channel but after that she started making music

Ophelia like on THATS SO RAVEN her friend Chelsae's middle name was Ophelia

W Yes, she is. She is an actress on Disney Channel. She was the Phycic girl in THats so Raven on Disney although she was first famous in the Cosby Show as Olivia, Denises Step daughter.

200k per episode of thats so raven, 100k for each episode on his own show.

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