Why did Tsar Nicholas abdicate his throne?

because russia believed he lacked the qualities of a leader, and many of the people were poor and hungry and blamed him. the turmoil of the country was on Nicholas's shoulders.

World War 1 was a key reason why the Tsar was forced to abdicate in 1917, however there were many other factors that contributed some longer term than others. Firstly, World War 1 was a short term cause that gained unpopularity quickly. Longer term causes such as autocracy, size of Russia and opposing groups had a greater impact. Without these factors which reduced the Tsars popularity, World War 1 wouldn't have forced to Tsar to abdicate alone.

Russia had many difficulties that had not been solved by the beginning of the 20th Century which could not be solved by the power of an autocracy. Russia had an unfair class system where the conditions of the workers and peasants were unfair because of living conditions and insufficient payment. Peasants made up a majority of the army which contributed to WW1 being a reason for the abdication. This is because lack of success throughout the war increased unpopularity towards the Tsar.

Tsar Nicholas was a weak ruler of a vast country. The Tsar could not rule an extremely large country by autocracy. This resulted in him soon losing authority so he enforced a secret police to help control the country. Their methods were brutal; they killed loads of people and took people from families. This made Tsar Nicholas unpopular and turned more of the country against him.


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