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He resigned on October 10, 1973, as a result of criminal investigations dating from his term as the Governor of Maryland (January, 1967 - January, 1969). He later pled "no contest" to bribery charges and was disbarred.

After being forced to resign as Vice President, his party did not consider him to be a viable candidate for President.

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Q: Why did Vice President Spiro T. Agnew resign?
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When did Spiro Agnew resign as Vice President?

Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned from office on October 10, 1973.

Who was the second Vice President to resign the office?

Spiro T. Agnew On October 10, 1973, Spiro T. Agnew became the second Vice President to resign the office.

What year did Vice-President Spiro Agnew resign?

Spiro Agnew resigned on October 10, 1973.

Who was the only vice president to resign from office?

Spiro Agnew in 1973. He was the second to resign.

Two people to resign the office of vice president?

Spiro Agnew, ?

What vice president was force to resign because of scandal?

spiro agnew

Who served as Vice President under Nixon but was forced to resign?

Spiro Agnew

Who are the 2 men to resign as vice president?

aaron burr and spiro agnew

Who was the president when Spiro Agnew was the Vice President?

Spiro T. Agnew was Richard Nixon's elected Vice-President.

Why didnt Spiro Agnew become President?

After being forced to resign as VP, his party did not consider him to be a viable candidate for president. Spiro Agnew was never elected to the presidency. When Nixon resigned as President, Agnew was no longer the Vice President.

Spiro agnew was the first vice president under president Nixon?

spiro agnew was the first vice president under president Nixon

Republican Vice President forced to resign in 1973?

As a result of the Watergate Scandal, Republican Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew was forced to resign his office on October 10, 1973.

When was Spiro Agnew the vice-president?

Spiro Agnew was the vice-president of the US from January 30,1969 until October 10,1973 when he resigned his office.

Who replaced Spiro Agnew as vice president of the US in 1973?

Vice President Spiro Agnew was replaced by Gerald Ford, who later replaced Nixon as president.

Who was vice president before ford was vice president?

Spiro Agnew

Who ran for vice-president with Richard Nixon?

Spiro T. Agnew was Nixon's Vice-President running mate.Spiro T. Agnew was Nixon's elected Vice-President.

What did spiro agnew do to resign the Vice President positon?

His resignation was part of a plea bargain with the US Attorney General (to avoid the more serious charges of extortion, tax fraud, bribery and conspiracy). Spiro Agnew was allowed to plead no contest to a single charge that he had failed to report $29,500 of income received in 1967, with the condition that he resign the office of Vice President. On October 10, 1973he became the 2nd vice-president to resign

Who was Richard Nixon's first vice president?

Richard Nixon's first Vice President was Spiro Agnew who served as Vice-President from 1969 to 1973. He was forced to resign in 1973 because he was guilty of corruption.

Who resigned under Richard Nixon?

Nixon's vice president Spiro Agnew resigned as vice-president due to criminal charges. He is the only US vice president to resign due to criminal charges.

Who was the vice president in1970?

Spiro T. Agnew

Who was Nixon's vice president that resigned?

Spiro Agnew

Was Vice President Gerald R Ford forced to resign because he had accepted money from Maryland state building contractors?

No. Spiro Agnew was the Governor of Maryland when he accepted money from contractors. He was later Nixon's first Vice President. When Spiro Agnew resigned, Gerald Ford replaced him.

Who was forced to resign their position in the Nixon white house over a tax evasion and bribery scnadal?

Nixon's Vice President, Spiro Agnew.

When was the last sitting vice president NOT run for president?

Spiro Agnew.

Who succeeded Spiro Agnew?

When Spiro Agnew resigned over scandal, Gerald R. Ford became Vice-President.