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he was burned to death which melted his face

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Q: Why did Voldemort's face change?
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Why is Voldemorts face like that in the 5th movie?

it just is. Do you mean at the train station when he is wearing a suit becuause if you do it is just a dream

What is Voldemorts middle name?


Who is Voldemorts mom?

Merope Gaunt.

What is Voldemorts name?

Tom Riddle

Who are Voldemorts sidekicks?

his Death Eaters

Who are Voldemorts ancestors?

The Riddles and the Marovolos

What are the names of Voldemorts followers?

Death Eaters

What was Voldemorts uncle name?

Morphin Gaunt

What are the horcurxes?

Horcurxes are a part of Voldemorts soul

How did they make Voldemorts face in the Deathly Hallows?

Voldemort's face was a combination of makeup effects and computer generated graphics. The color and texture were done by hand, but other items, like the removal of the full nose were done by computer.

How did they get rid of Voldemorts nose?

As part of Voldemorts character, he was just made with no nose. As he grew and became more evil, his appearance had to become uglier, so they made him have no nose. To make the actor have no nose, they simply used make up and face putty to make the actor look as though he had no nose. The graphics of voldemorts "no noseness" gets better as the movies go on as better make up is being produced and so are special effects.

Why does the face of the moon change?

The face of the moon doesn't change.

Which Professor was Voldemorts soul inside?

Quirinus Quirrell

Who was Voldemorts mum?

A witch named Merope Gaunt.

What kind of wood is Voldemorts wand made out of?


Who captured Hermione Granger?

one of voldemorts snatchers..

Who is Voldemorts dad?

Tom Riddle Sr. he was a muggle.

Who is the girl in the down on me video?

she's voldemorts sister

What is lord Voldemorts drink of choice?

champagne showers

How do they remove Voldemorts nose?

It's a special effect. Ralph Fiennes is filmed with dots on his face so that they can be tracked by a computer. In post-production, that information is used to digitally alter his nose.

When was Face the Change created?

Face the Change was created on 1998-01-07.

What were Voldemorts greatest achievements?

coming back from the almost-dead

Who is lord Voldemorts dad?

Tom Riddle Senior ( muggle)

What is Voldemorts real full name?

Tom Marvolo Riddle

What is an offensive word for Muggle?

Mudblood.... most of Voldemorts people use it! :)