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Q: Why did Winston Churchill go into World War 2?
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Did Winston Churchill ever go to jail?

yes he was a pow (prisoner of war) in world war 1

What did Winston Churchill contribute to British victory in world war 2 long answers please?

Winston Churchill gave to the British Victory during war. They help with money and help go against Hitler.

How did rationing take place in World War 2?

Rationing was put in place to make Winston churchill go on a diet.

Where did Winston Churchill go to college?

Winston Churchill went to Harrow School

Did Winston Churchill go to heaven or hell?

Winston Churchill was an atheist, and therefore did not believe in an afterlife.

Did Winston Churchill go to Australia?


What year did Winston Churchill go to Cuba to observe the war?

Winston Churchill observed the Spanish fight of the Cuban guerrillas in 1895, having obtained a commission to write about the conflict from the Daily Graphic.

Did Winston churchill lead great Britain to victory in world war 1?

Yes he did actually. Winston Churchill lifted people's morale when the war was in its darkest moments and led Britain to victory. He did it by using different techniques to WIN!! Wooo Go him!! I hope you I answered the question properly Cya ^_^ x

Where did Winston Churchill like to go in the 1950s to paint?


When Winston Churchill left school what did he do?

Go to military school

Who is churchill Winston?

I think you mean CHURCHILL. Sir Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of the U.K. during WW2. For the first two years of the war, he led Britain as essentially the only country strongly resisting the Nazis. He formed a close bond with FDR, and made significant use of that political and personal friendship when the U.S. entered the war in December 1941. There are dozens of excellent books about Churchill - just go to your local library and ask at the reference desk. World War 2 started on 1 September 1939. Winston Churchill didn't become Prime Minister until 10 May 1940. Neville Chamberlain was his predecessor.

Was Winston Churchill prime minister in World War 1?

Yes. Churchill was the First Lord of the Admiralty, the civilian head of the Royal Navy. As such he championed the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey, which ended in disaster. As a result he had to resign from the Admiralty. Churchill had been educated at Sandhurst, the British equivalent of West Point. He obtained a commission as a battalion commander and went to France and served in the trenches for about a year. Then he became Minister of Munitions, a different cabinet position, overseeing production of the vast amounts of war materials and equipment necessary. Few men contributed more to the war effort than Churchill.