Why did Zeus and Ares hate each other?

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this is wrong because Zeus was Ares' father. Because of Ares being the god of war, because of his sons violence, he hated him. also because it was not his real son. Hera imprgnated herself with something but he is still Zeus' son

Yet Ares was saint compared to his mother...
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Why do the undertaker and Kane hate each-other?

Answer listen they don't hate each other what makes you think that? Answer Since the Undertaker and Kane are half brothers, they hated each other because Undertaker set Kane on fire when they were kids. that's why Kane had third degree burns. that's why Kane wore a mask. no you idiot Undertaker ha ( Full Answer )

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Why did Zeus hate Ares?

Zeus did not hate Ares. Ares was his son, and while bold and hasty, Zeus was fond of his son when Ares obeyed his will.

Do Sonic and Mario hate each other?

No, they are both heroes. Their parent companies hated each other back in the 90's, but that's water under the bridge.

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Why do Mario and Sonic hate each other?

They don't. SEGA and Nintendo used to hate each other in the 90's, but not anymore. No one said sega and nintendo both hated eachother ever. what are you talking about. And as for sonic and mario, they havent ever met unless your reffering to sonic and mario at the olymipic games, then no they don' ( Full Answer )

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\n. \n. \nBecause they're concurrents and the want to be more famous than the others.

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From what I heard Big was talking crap about rob on his blog....They definitly dont like each other anymore!!

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they hate each other because darry was suppose to e with the socs but since his parents died he never got the opportunity to be like paul . They use to be friends until the misfortune and darry became a greaser due to poverty.

Did abbott and costello hate each other?

It depends on who you ask. Initially they were friends, then theyhad a falling out (over what seems to vary- though at least oneversion claims Abbot hired a servant Costello fired- and somehowthis created a rift where they'd only speak during movies) and areclaimed to have reconciled later in life.

Why do Sikhs and Muslims hate each other?

They don't all hate each other. I am from Canada, and lots of Moslems and Sikhs get along quite well. In England some of them don't get along that well. I don't know why, but it is quite dumb in my opinion. I also think, some of it gets exaggerated because the fools who do the hating on both sides ( Full Answer )

Why do cats hate each other?

I don't really think cats hate each other as many do get along but mostly i think its Territorial issues like them argueing over who owns what bit of land. also they fight for Social ranking so whos the leader or they fight simply that another cat has anoyed it for some reason. Usually when you see ( Full Answer )

Why do lazio and as roma hate each other?

lazio and roma hate each other because they share the same home ground and its a cross city rivalry just like ac milan and inter milan

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Most Christians don't. I don't know where you would even get that idea from. Christians are called to be witnesses to the world, and I along with other Christians would never hate anyone.

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When Sasuke was little he had a loving brother, Itachi. Itachi was forced to kill his clan, but he refused to kill his brother, the konoha elders threatened to start a war if he didn't. Itachi hated fighting but he was forced to and he pretended to be evil so his brother would be known as a hero one ( Full Answer )

Why did the Jews and Greeks hate each other?

Answer 1 because the Greeks killed the Jews. Answer 2 There was a massive cultural clash between the Jews and the Greekswhich is discussed below. Additionally, Greeks defiled the JewishTemple by placing idols there, selecting Jewish religious leadersand priests, and by bringing un-kosher animals ( Full Answer )

What races hate each other?

Pretty much every ethnic, national, or racial group has despised or hated a different racial group and received hatred back in turn.

Why do students hate each other?

Because of teenagers talking about a situation they think they kno about which they have no idea what they're saying. So they shuld just shut up and stop talking when they have no clue what they're talking about!! : ]

Do mello and near hate each other?

No, they share the same respect for each other, and more importantly, L. Mello just has a bad way of showing it, because he always lets his emotions get the better of him. Near also does because of how easy it is for him never to show emotion.

Why did Athena and Ares hate each other?

It's because Athena disliked fighting without a purpose and preferred using wisdom unlike Ares who always declares war and conflict.

Do Mario and peach hate each other?

I personally think they have crushes on each other yet in certain games they go against each other and in others they are on a team Are you both stupid? i think its pretty obvious that they both like eachother and know it!

How do you get your sims to not hate each other?

Make them chat and make their relationship good then follow instructions: For them to be friends: Do things like making them joke together, compliment, talk and that will just make their relationship good and but no more then just a simple friendship . WARNING: KEEP CHECKING YOUR SIM RELATIONSHIP ( Full Answer )

Does Tonga and Samoa hate each other?

As a Samoan, I do not hate Tongans. We all have our likes and dislikes in each other, but we don't "hate" each other, and when I say "each other", I mean Samoan to Samoan, Samon to Tongan, Samoan to palagi, Tongan to Tongan, English to English, and so forth. "Hate" is a strong ugly word. We are all ( Full Answer )

Do Athena and Poseidon hate each other?

yes they did they competed for the city of Athens Athena won by giving them a olive tree and posedion gave them a spring , also he went on a date with medusa in one of her temples [ that was her daughter medusa used to be beautiful and Athena is a goddess of purity so she changed her so no man can n ( Full Answer )

Do Korea and Japan hate each other?

As nations, Japan and South Korea enjoy friendly relations. There are certainly some people in those countries who have an unfortunate racist attitude. North Korea, of course, is another matter, due to its psychotic dictatorial government.

Do Japan and Korea hate each other?

Japan and South Korea are strong allies. North Korea has no allies and is virtually cut off from the rest of the world.

What do you do when your BFFs hate each other?

Well it depends on why they hate each other I have two BFFs there always fighting they make up in the end but if they Really hate each other and it's unforgivable what they have done if you have some pics of them together them get a bit of paper and stick loads of pics of them on it.or u can write a ( Full Answer )

Why do oil and water hate each other?

Water is polar while oils are non-polar. Molecules that are polar will mix with other polar molecules, and non-polar molecules will mix with other non-polar molecules. Polar and non-polar molecules will not mix.

Do koalas and bears hate each other?

No. "Hate" is a human term often misapplied to animals. No animals "hate" each other. they have territorial issues, and experience fear, but not "hate". Apart from that, koalas and bears are not even aware of the existence of each other, as they are found on completely different continents.

How do you get girls to hate each other?

Girls from adolescence to adulthood tend to naturally be very critical of each other. The smallest offence, such as a look, a remark, or gossip can cause girls to hate each other.

Why do people hate each other in the 1960?

in the 1960 Negros hated white people because they all wanted freedom in all their lives to have peace in the world like martin Luther king By: Madison speakman

Why was Ares hated by the other gods?

because he was cocky and a smart mouth to all the gods and he took artemis's place in being the god of war which now she is the god of wisdom and hunting.

Why do people hate each other for no reason?

To be honest... people don't hate each other for no reason. If someone dislikes or 'hates' someone without knowing them or talking to them then it might be race, religion, looks, gossip or a friend's influence or jealousy. As well as the fact that if someone hates you, then many would hate them back ( Full Answer )

Why do Harry and Draco hate each other?

Their dislike of each other starts when Draco insults the Weasleyson the Hogwarts Express just after Ron and Harry have met at thestart of their first year and Harry then refuses Draco's offer offriendship. After that, Draco often makes fun of and throws insultsat Harry and his friends throughout th ( Full Answer )

Why did thomas and Henry hate each other?

Because when henry made thomas becket archbishop of canterbury they became great friends but then thomas didnt stick up for henry when he wanted to take over the church and he didnt go along with henry's wishes

Did the beatles hate each other?

It seems that at some times during the popularity of the Beatles group, the members of the band did fight or might have hated eachother. There are memoirs that have chronicled fights between John Lennon and Paul McCartney.