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Knights had no reason not to wear clothes under their armor. In fact they wore more than clothes, as they also had layers of padding, usually made of cloth, to cushion the blows they received and prevent themselves from being hurt if the armor dented.

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What did a knight wear on his chest?

Armor. A knight in shining ARMOR.

What do knight where in medieval times?

They wear suits of armor.

What would a knight usually wear?

A Knight would usually wear a big chain mail and alot of armor

What armor did a Crusader knight wear?

I guess it is heavy mail

Death knight armor?

Death Knight don't wear "DK Armor", they can wear anything from cloth to plate. In a DK's first 4-6 levels you can get armor and weapons that no one else can get because they are rewards for DK only quests. If the other plate wearing classes could get it, they also could wear the armor.

What kind of clothes did Eric the red wear?

armor suits

Can you wear under armor in wrestling?


What does a Knight wear When is hes not fighting?

normal clothes

What does a knight wear to pretect themselfs?

They wear armor DUH! They wear a chest plate, helmet, leggings and shoes. Those are the main pieces of armor. It is all movable and it is made of iron.

What clothes did men wear in ancient Greece wars?

they wore armor

Can you wear under armor in football?


What kind of clothes did Francisco Vasquez de Coronado wear?

armor to protect him

Does Justin Bieber wear under armor?


Can you play as that knight on the back of The Elder Scrolls knight of the 9?

You will meet him as a ghost and will then start collecting his armor, which you will be able to keep and wear. So basically you are this knight after the quests.

What did people wear in colonial times?

they would wear under armor tights

How do you get knight armor on Rune Scape?

If you are talking about White Knight Armor, then you must finish the quest "Wanted" before you can wear it. I have put a link in the "related link" section that will take you to a walkthrough of the entire quest.

Can you wear a bullet proof vest under your clothes?

yes yes, it is called concealed body armor. it does get hot and uncomfortable and can pinch and chafe if its not the right fit for you.

What does link wear in twilight princess?

at the start, ordon outfit. next, hero's clothes, and zora armor And lastly, Magic Armor.

How long did it take a knight to get into a full suit of armor?

It takes a knight about 25-30 minutes, depending on the size and parts of the armor. .................... This depends on the kind of armor they are supposed to wear. Usually it takes around half an hour if someone is helping with laces and buckles.

What kind of sunglasses does Jase Robertson wear?

Under armor

Why didn't a knight wear anything on his chest during battle?

Because they were pimps and didn't need armor

What did a Knight wear?

The knights wore a thick coat of armor and it improved through the centuries of the middle ages.

What did knights wear on regular days?

Normal cloths. However knight tended to wear their armor a lot so that they were used to its weight and restrictions.

What do the people in the desert wear?

they wear under wear or very light clothes.

What type of clothes did Hernando Cortes wear?

Armor and leather coats . long coats ... etc.

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