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Because it told us a lot about history.

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Q: Why did anne Frank's dairy come so important?
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What country does the Anne Franks come from?


What are Anne Franks qualities?

looking for anne franks qualities ?.. wel you have come too the right place.. now annes qualities was brave,full of hope and daring.. much more..

What killed Anne Franks parents?

Her mother Edith died of starvation and her father Otto survived. He was the only one to come out of 7 people.

Where do turkey franks come from?

a turkey!!!!

Why did the franks come in power?


Where do the Franks come from?

Modern Day France

What is a dairy belt?

The dairy belt is where most of the milk products in America come from. The dairy belt is where most of the milk products in America come from.

What country did the Franks come from?

that is easy they came from Holland

Does dairy have to come from cow?

Dairy is milk and cheese, so no, you can make dairy products from other animals such as goats.

Where does the word pedopile come from?

the word came from franks origin

What makes Anne Franks so great?

It is not clear that we remember Anne Frank for greatness. She was a very ordinary girl. What makes her diary important is that it is one of only a few records we have of what it was like to live in hiding from German oppression, and among those records, it is both one of the most personal and one of the first to come to public attention. Also, because Anne lived such a normal middle-class life before the Nazi invasion, that it is easy for most of us in the western world to identify with her.

Where is anne come from?

Anne is a Hebrew name and means "Grace"

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