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Q: Why did apollo 13 want to go to the moon?
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Did Apollo 13 go to mars?

No. The Apollo mission were to the Moon

Why did Apollo 13 go into outer space?

to go to the moon

Who was the only astranout to go to the moon twice but never landed on the moon?

James Lovell, on Apollo 8 and Apollo 13.

Did anyone go back to the moon after Apollo 11?

Yes after Apollo 11, there was Apollo 12, 14, , 15, 16, and 17. Only Apollo 13 did not land on the moon.

When did Apollo 13 set off to go to the moon?

The launch date for the Apollo 13 mission was April 11th 1970 at 13:13 eastern time.

Apollo 13 tragedy?

The tragedy of Apollo 13 was that it exploded in space, and the trip was canceled. Jim Lovell also becomes the only man till today , to go to the moon twice and not to walk on it . He went to the moon in Apollo 8 and Apollo 13. It is areal pity.

What was the reason for Apollo 13 go to the moon?

So that it could land in the Fra Mauro area on the moon.

What missions have not reached the moon?

Apollo 13, Apollo 1, Apollo 8, Apollo 10 and maybe some other ones. But missions Apollo 8 and Apollo 10 weren't planned to go to the moon. They were just preparing for Apollo 11.

Why did Apollo missions stop going to the moon?

Because they learned a lession from Apollo 13 which had exploded!

When was Jim Lovell suppose to go back to the moon?

He had planned to retire after Apollo 13.

When did Apollo 13 land on the moon?

Apollo 13 never landed on the moon. They had an accident with their liquid oxygen tank so had to go around the moon and return to earth without landing on the moon. They landed safely on Earth 3 days after the incident.

Did Apollo 13 go to the moon?

Apollo 13 went around the moon but did not land as planned due to an earlier explosion which ruptured the oxygen tanks. It was safer and used less fuel to continue around the moon than to do an immediate u- turn.