Why did banjo become popular in Appalachian music?

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Because it fit in so well with the traditional fiddle.
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Tips on Popularity These are some tips that you need and a few comments on the subject. They generally apply to both boys and girls, but some obviously are for girls and some are for boys. . Get some good clothes. . Be nice to everyone. . Start a conversation with someone you barely k ( Full Answer )

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Music was always popular all over the world. If it's tribal music, religious music, or folk songs. In the old testament music is mentioned many times (king David for instance is known for his musical abilities). Amazingly, those types of music are still weaved in modern music today. Bob Dylan, Jan G ( Full Answer )

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It was popular in the ages on 1987,Music was popular at 1989 2 years diffrents Sign,Jeff

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What music does the banjo play?

most bajo music is written in tab because the written music is really difficult to understand.

What style of music does a banjo play?

Mostly country,but a little bit of jazz. depends One can agree. Note also the words to Steven Foster's O Susanna. One can agree the banjo, flute, nor triangle perform without a performer. . There's also a banjo with a scoring to George Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue. One may also question of the b ( Full Answer )

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someone was listening to it one day.. & they liked it, obviously. that person told another to listen to it & eventually it made it's way around the world.

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it become famouse during age of pirates! pirates liked to jam out to some good old pop music back in the day. ARREEE MATEE!

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The "Pop" in the term "Pop Music" is a shortening of the word Popular - pop music is just a "Groovy" way of saying popular music. So your question is really "How did popular music become popular and when did it become popular?" which is kinda funny :) But the term or phrase "Pop Music" became ( Full Answer )

What is madrigalism When did it become popular in music history?

Madrigalisms are devices used in madrigals to enhance or portray the text. They can also be referred to as text paintings or imitations. For example, if a word in the text talks about flying a musical passage will have notes running up. If the text says alone, only one voice will sing. If there is s ( Full Answer )

Banjos are played in what type of music?

Banjo's are most closely associated with Bluegrass music, but they are played in a wide variety of different music. They were often played in Vaudeville shows, and these days I have heard them in bands playing Contra Dance music, country music, not-so-traditional Celtic music, Folk music. I am not a ( Full Answer )

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When did pop music become so popular?

You do know that the perm pop is an abbreviated form of the word popular, right? Pop music is popular by definition, that's what the word means. Pop music as we know it today can be traced back to the 1950's. In earlier decades, although there did exist popular forms of music, we would not recognize ( Full Answer )

How did the GAA help traditional music become popular?

The GAA was founded to promote Irish sports and culture. So along with sport, many cultural things like dancing and music have been continually promoted, and would also happen in general at social occasions in the GAA.

What are facts about banjo music?

1: Banjo music originated on the banks of the Mississippi when young men would play their banjos hoping to lure young maidens across the river to their farms and away from the farms of their fathers. The maidens would often cross in the nude due to how cumbersome their petticoats were. #2: A ( Full Answer )

Which country does banjo music instrument come from?

The banjo is a four or five stringed instrument with a piece of plastic or animal skin stretched over a circular frame. Simpler forms of the instrument were fashioned by enslaved Africans in colonial America adapted from several African instruments of the same basic design.

Why is popular music popular?

Popular music is popular is popular for many reasons but one of the main reasons is that the same songs play on the radio station. When you listen to VIRGIN radio or any other popular stations there are a main 20 or 30 songs that they play over and over again! It will get stuck in your head easily i ( Full Answer )

Where can you download music from banjo kazooie?

Banjo-Kazooie music can be easily downloaded from Youtube. Simply copy the URL of the youtube clip, paste it onto a Youtube 2 MP3 converter and it will automatically convert and download the music for you.

Why did such forms of entertainment as sport movies and music become popular in the 1920s?

The big change in the 1920s was the arrival of radio. But first, itis worth noting that all of these forms of entertainment werealready popular, although movies were generally silent (that is,they did not have talking, although they often had background musicor sound effects provided by the theater) ( Full Answer )

What instrument is used in banjo music?

The style of banjo music is associated with country, bluegrass, Irish and folk instruments. The instruments most commonly used are the four, five or six string banjo, and the American fiddle.

In which century did the musical box become popular?

The musical box became popular in the 19th century. They had been developed from ideas in the 18th century but the first factory opened in 1815 and by the late part of the century they had factories across Europe and the United States.

In what year did the musical Rent become popular?

Rent first opened off-Broadway in January 1996 and was instantly a hit. Later, in June of that same year, Rent moved to Broadway and in 2005 was made into a full length motion picture.

When did 'MyFm' become a popular choice for music lovers?

MyFM Became popular when Spotify got popular. There is a MyFM app within Spotify that allows you to find the radio station of your taste they also offer good playlists and you can see what songs have played in the past etc.

When did carousel music boxes become popular?

There is no definitive time frame in which carousel music boxes became popular. Music boxes were developed in the early 1800's and were popular throughout the the 19th and 20th centuries.

When did Indie rock music become popular?

Indie rock is a genre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s. The Indie rock music became popular in the 1990s.