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Why did blockbuster do DVD by mail?

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Blockbuster began to do DVD by mail to try to keep up with competitors such as Redbox and Netflix.

2014-12-14 19:32:02
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Q: Why did blockbuster do DVD by mail?
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How can you watch free blockbuster movies on your computer?

You watch blockbuster movies on your computer by putting a blockbuster DVD into your DVD player

Does blockbuster have A Pup named Scooby-Doo DVD?

It depends which Blockbuster you go to. It probably does, though.

Where do they sell the night of champions DVD?

Blockbuster videos.

Do you have to have a card to get a DVD from blockbuster?

No. You just need money on you. :D

Where can one purchase the best quality DVD movies?


Will Astro boy the movie be in blockbuster video?

Blockbuster should have the Astro Boy DVD unless it is rented out - call and ask .

Can you return a Blockbuster DVD in another Blockbuster store?

No. The Blockbuster stores are franchises, meaning they all operate independently of each other. You must return your movies to the store you rented them from.

What stores would you find The Virginian TV series DVD?


Where to find the all resident evil movie IN DVD?

Blockbuster and WalMart

Does Blockbuster online deliver movies?

Yes, Blockbuster Online delivers movies to you by mail. Blockbuster also offers movies for rent in their stores and kiosks as well as downloads you can watch on your computer.

Where can you get DVD of john waters 'pink flamingoes'?

"Blockbuster" or "Hollywood Movies".

Does Blockbuster sell the DVD for CSI?

Yes. Blockbuster does sell the DVD for csi. It can run as high as $30 though. I would check your local entertainment store or walmart for any better prices just to be on the safe side.

The last movie--The Fighter --was lost in the mail. What do I do?

Assuming you are talking about Netflix, go to Your Account & Help, scroll to the list of DVDs you have out, click Report Problem, and select, "Netflix hasn't received it" or "You haven't received the DVD yet." I'm sure you can do something similar with Blockbuster online, or any other DVD-rental-by-mail company.

Where do you get a DVD?

You can get a DVD at many places. A movie store such a Blockbuster, or department stores such as Wal-Mart. or if you want a blank DVD go to a DIY store or electricals store.

When is Tranformers Revenge of the Fallen coming out on DVD?

November or December Blockbuster premier suggested!

Where to rent a sonic x DVD?

You can rent Sonic X DVDs at Blockbuster and Netflix.

Where can you get Good Luck Charlie on DVD?

I would say at BestBuy, maybe Target, Blockbuster.

Where can one rent blockbuster videos online?

You can rent blockbuster videos online at the Blockbuster website. You must sign up as a member before you can rent the films, but after you have done so, you can rent movies online by mail.

When does The Hurt Locker come out on DVD?

it came out on DVD in 2008. it's on the blockbuster site

Where can you get a Fred On Halloween DVD?

"Fred On Halloween" DVD can be bought from the popular DVD shops like "BlockBuster". You can also buy it on eBay, Amazon and other similar websites online.

When was Blockbusters founded?

Blockbuster Inc., the video game and DVD rental chain, was founded in 1985.

How much money is it to rent a DVD from blockbuster?

for a new movie. The fee is about 10 dollars about a month.

Where can you get twilight on DVD besides blockbuster?

Hollywood video Walmart Kmart electronics stores your welcome

What is blockbuster?

Blockbuster Inc. is an American-based chain of DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rental stores. There are more than 7,000 stores in 21 countries worldwide.

Where can one view the Jackie Brown Movie?

You can purchase the film on DVD from eBay, Amazon, and Overstock. Most cities have Redbox movie rental kiosks and you can see if there is one available. Blockbuster also has this available for rental via mail.