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Captain moonlight was not a 'bushranger' he had not yet reached that stage, after the hold up and robbery of the Wantabadgery station he and his gang apparently planned to escape into the hills (bush) for a while, to evade the police.
because he was in jail for 8 years and he wanted revenge

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Q: Why did captian thunderbolt become a bushranger?
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Why did Mary ann bugg become a bushranger?

Maryann Bugg became a bushranger because in marring Fredrick Ward (Captain Thunderbolt)

Who is one famous bushranger in 1851?

The most notorious bushranger from the mid-1800s was Captain Thunderbolt (1856 onwards).

How did Mary Ann Bugg became a bushranger?

Mary ann bugg became a bushranger by marring Fredrick ward captain thunderbolt

What was bushranger Captain Thunderbolt's real name?

His real name is Frederick Ward

Where was Captain Thunderbolt a bushranger?

Most of Captain Thunderbolt's activity was around Uralla, a small town in northern NSW country. He sheltered at a rock which became famously known as "Thunderbolt's Rock".

Was Captain Thunderbolt related to the Kowald family?

Bushranger Captain Thunderbolt was born Frederick Ward. It is unlikely he was related to the Kowald family, as the name Kowald is German in origin.

When did Andrew Scott become a bushranger?

he became a bushranger in 1868

Why did frank Pearson become a bushranger?

He became a bushranger as an influence of his aliance.

Is there any family background on Captain Thunderbolt?

There is little family information on the Australian bushranger Thunderbolt. He was born Frederick Ward at Wilberforce near Windsor, NSW, in 1836 and, as an excellent horseman, his specialty was horse stealing.

Why did Frederick Ward become a bushranger?

Frederick Ward, (Captain Thunderbolt) first began a life of crime in 1856 when he helped his nephew, John Garbutt, move some stolen horses near Windsor, in New South Wales.

Why did Joe Byrne become a bush ranger?

Joe Byrne became a Bushranger because, he wanted to be a bushranger!

How did William Armstrong become a bushranger?

He became a bushranger because his friend convinced him to murder a man and steal his money.