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Q: Why did countries like Britain want to control other countries?
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How is communism related to world war 1?

World War I ended with uprisings and revolutions in several European countries. Communists took advantage of these uprisings and tried to take control of those countries. They were successful in Russia, and also tried in Germany (where they did control parts like Bavaria briefly) and Hungary (where they took control for about five months).

Why did World War 1 start what was it all about?

WW1 started because of 4 MAIN reasons and the spark. 1. Militarism: all the European countries were building their armies and fighting forces and the other countries fellt threatened. 2. Alliance System: alliances were forming (the triple alliance and the triple entente) and the continent was splitting in half. 3. Imperialism: the expansion of one's power, like Britain's power over Canada, many countries were gaining control over other countries. 4. Nationalism: all the countries were very proud of themselves and wanted power. The Spark: In June 1914, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was parading through the country when a Serbian terrorist from the Blue hand shot both the arch duke and dutchess. This caused Austria-Hungary and Serbia to become at war. The alliance system brought all the other countries into WW1 hope that answers your questions. WW1 is an important time in Canada's history so i hope this helps!

Why did India form a government like Britain's after gaining independence?

The government of the new nation of india was set up as a parlimentary democracy, similar to governments in Britain, Germany, and other western nations.

What was included in the fourteen points?

that i think that the fourteen points is talking about is that one of the points says "Free navigation of all seas". that means that all of the many countries can hace there own sea, that it is saying that the sea is shared for everyone to use. there is another point that says "No more secret agreements", that means that no country can keep secrets from other countries, like saying britain says to france that they wont fight them if they give them some food or equipment when they need it so much at the war. another point says "Countries to reduce weapon numbers", that means that all countries get the same amount of weapons as the other countries will get.

What happened to the countries of Eastern Europe following World War 2?

Answer this question…Hungary

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Why was the embargo act of 1807 not effective against Britain?

Britain found other countries with the same resources like Egypt for cotton

Why was the embargo of 1807 not effective against Britain?

Britain found other countries with the same resources like Egypt for cotton

Why did Britain get involved in the Korean war?

Like the U.S. and the other western countries, Britain wanted to stop the spread of communism.

What countries did not like each other in world war 2?

Germany and Great Britain

What directly caused other countries like Germany Britain France and Russia to join the war?

They had alliances with countries that were involved.

What does it mean to regulate trade with other countries and among the states?

It means to control the trade with other countries, like Iraq, and other states, such as Massachusetts.

Are there any other places like Stonehenge?

yes, in other parts of Great Britain and some in France and maybe other countries

Who drives on the right of the road?

In the United States, everyone drives on the right side of the road, like many other countries. However, in places like Britain and other European countries, driving on the left side of the road is normal.

What was life like in 1920's in Britain?

Britain in the 1920s was very much like other countries who were successful in the Roaring Twenties. It was marked by the proliferation of new technologies and shifts in cultural norms and expectations.

What major countries in the Northern Hemisphere?

Some parts of USA and Canada, Great Britain are the major countries in the northern hemisphere. There are also other Europain countries like France, Germany and Sweden. Also there are countries in Asia like Russia and Mongolia

How did World War 2 effect different countries economy?

it realy affected countries economy it made countries like America control world economy and other countries like third world countries in abadfinancial and cultural condition

Why some countries might not like the idea of being friendly with the world?

because the afraid that some other countries can take the control of thier country