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Q: Why did disease spread so rapidly on slave ships?
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Disease on slave ships?

Small pox and the yellow fever were two of the most common diseases on slave ships. This was because they lived in unhealthy, tight packed, and disease ridden spaces.

How did disease contribute to slave trade?

The packed them on ships and had them at seas for days with limted water and food. and some would die at sea and since they were all packed in tight on the ship disease spread. And it slowed down the trade bc they would care disease with them and spread among there new home.

Were there routines on the slave ships?

Life aboard slave ships was very cramped and disease was rampant. In good weather the slaves were brought on deck and forced to exercise, and they were fed twice a day.

What did they do to the baby's that were born on slave ships?

Most died from exposure,disease or their Mothers would suffocate them.

What was the plan of slaves ships about?

The plan of slave ships was to transport as many slaves as possible. This included placing them in tight quarters, which resulted in many dying of disease, starvation, and thirst. While the slave owners wanted to save each slave for profit purposes, it simply was not realistic.

What did slave ships look like?

the slave ships were wooden and they smellt horrible and the ships are really dirty.

What were the condition like on slave ship?

The conditions on the slave ships were horrible and inhumane. The slaves did not get food or water making a lot of them die. The ships were not kept clean and the people were packed in on top of each other making the spread of disease encouraged. The people who were made to be slaves were branded, and treated worse than animals.

How many seamen where on slave ships?

There were at least 130 sea men on slave ships.

What did they do with the slaves from the slave ships when they lsnded and how did they sell the slaves?

When slave ships landed, the slaves were taken to the slave market where they were auctioned.

What were living conditions on slave ships?

If you are talking about during the British Empire, then they were awful. Slaves barely had room to move and were treated as vermin would be today, the toilets were overflowing causing disease to spread easily, the cabins were stifling and filthy, and women were used for the joy and sexual desire of the sailors on the ships. Sometimes, even if slaves were still alive but ill, slave traders would chain some together and push them into the ocean to drown.

Did slaves walk around on the slave ships?

Slaves were manacled and packed tightly into the holds of the slave ships.

What was the most common way for African slaves to die?

The most common was for slaves to die was either starvation or disease which they picked up on the slave ships.