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for searching mines

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Q: Why did humphry davy invent the miners lamp?
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What did sir humphry davy invent?

Sir humphry davy invented the first electric lamp

What did humphry davy invent?

He invented the security lamp

What did Humphrey Davy invent?

miners safety lamp Which was to be known as "The Davy Lamp"

What did Sir Humphry Davy invent in 1815?

he invented the safety lamp the

Who invented the miners safety lamp knwn as the Davy lamp?

Sir Humphry Davy.Gurjot Singh Sodhi

Who invented the minners safety lamp known as davy lamp?

Sir Humphry Davy

When was miners safety lamp invented?

The miners flame safety lamp was first invented in 1815 by Sir Humphry Davy after the danger of methane gas and open flames prompted he and others to create a safer solution.

Who invented the gas arc lamp?

Humphry Davy

Who invented the miner's safety lamp?

Sir Humphry Davy

Who invented the miners safety lamp knowns as the Davy Lamp the Davy avy?

sir humpherry

Who invented the miners safety lamp known as the Davy lamp?

Sir Humphrey Davy in 1815.

Who invented the miner's safety-lamp?

Sir Humphry Davy in 1815