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Jack and his hunters targeted Piggy's glasses because they needed the lenses to start a fire. They believed that having a fire would give them power and control over the group. The conch, on the other hand, represented order and civilization, which Jack's group was trying to rebel against.

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Q: Why did jack and his hunters go after piggy glasses instead of the conch?
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Why is chapter 10 in lord of the flies called The Shell and The glasses?

Because in the end of the chapter, Jack's tribe attacks Ralphs tribe. Piggy thought they were after the conch (The Shell) but instead, they stole Piggy's glasses for fire usage (The Glasses)

Who said i thought they wanted the conch in lord of the flies?


What happens while piggy Ralph and samneric sleep in the shelter?

Jack and his hunters break in and steal piggy's glasses

Why did the hunters steal the glasses in the book lord of the flies ch10?

The hunters stole Piggy's glasses in "Lord of the Flies" to create fire. The fire was needed to signal any passing ships for rescue. However, the hunters were influenced by Jack's power and desire for control, leading to their aggressive and rebellious actions.

Did Jack and some of his savages came to the shelters on the beach and steal the conch in the Lord of the Flies?

Yes, in "Lord of the Flies," Jack and some of his followers attack Ralph and Piggy at the shelters, resulting in Piggy's death and the theft of the conch. This symbolizes the complete breakdown of order and civilization on the island.

What are Sixteen different quotes about piggy's glasses and what does each quote represent?

"Piggy saw the point of this and stood in the great shadow of Jack." - Represents Piggy's intelligence and reliance on his glasses for sight. "The chief took the glasses from Piggy and looked through them. They are... they are!" - Shows the power struggle and importance of the glasses in starting a fire. "When they had flown, he would be able to see properly." - Symbolizes Piggy's hope for rescue and return to civilization through the glasses. "He had to take off his glasses and part the tangle of hair." - Illustrates Piggy's vulnerability without his glasses and how they are essential to his survival. "Call the others!" - Demonstrates Piggy's concern for the glasses as a valuable resource. "The shattered conch lay there among the ferny weeds." - Symbolizes the loss of civilization and order, including Piggy's glasses. "He moved forward and peered bloodily into this darkness where the fearful window would still be open." - Shows Piggy's determination and desperation to retrieve his glasses. "Piggy apa diecutil glasses on humanya." - Represents the dependence of Piggy on his glasses as a source of clarity and logic. "The cry went once more, this time twice, three times and then the accidental voice was calling." - Symbolizes the struggle to maintain order and reason, represented by Piggy's glasses. "Piggy adjusted his glasses and wiped them again." - Reflects Piggy's meticulous nature and reliance on his glasses for functionality. "Piggy lifted the conch." - Illustrates Piggy's attempt to restore order and logic, symbolized by the use of the conch. "He found himself understanding the wearisomeness of this life." - Represents Piggy's realization of the challenges and hardships he faces, symbolized by the struggle for his glasses. "He took his glasses off and adjusted them on his button" - Shows Piggy's attention to detail and care for his glasses. "The silence was so profound that Piggy could hear the sweep of naked feet on the sand." - Demonstrates Piggy's acute sense of hearing due to his reliance on his glasses for sight. "He peered down though the trampled grass." - Illustrates Piggy's attempt to search for his glasses, symbolizing his struggle to maintain clarity and insight. "He took his glasses off and blinked at them." - Shows Piggy's frustration and vulnerability without his glasses.

What became of the conch in Lord of the Flies?

It broke when Piggy fell off the ledge and when the rock landed on both Piggy and the conch.

How is piggy indirectly responsible for the blowing of the conch?

piggy is the only one with the insight and wisdom to think to use the conch in such a way

Did piggy have the conch in his hand when he dies?

yes he does; the conch dies too

Why does jack attack piggy and what is the result of the attack?

Jack punched Piggy in the stomach, which caused him to sit down with agrunt. Then Jack stood over him and smacked Piggy's head, this send his glasses flying and one lens broke, as they landed on the rocks.

What is the significance of the title the Shell and the Glasses?

"In this chapter, Piggy's glasses are stolen by Jack . The Glasses are of great importance since it is only by them that fire can be created. At first , Ralph and Samneric think that Jack's raiding party came for the Conch but in reality , they came for the Glasses."

What happened to piggy on the conch?

it died