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Why did juror 9 changed his vote twelve angry men?

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The 9th among the 12 Juror's is an old Man whose matured & impressive memory, the role played by Jack Warden decides to change his vote, because of the sane reasoning as put forth by the 7th Juror, played by Henry Fonda in support of the accused as not-guilty. Juror 9 changed his vote in favor of Juror 7 because of his stand which would put an 18 year old boy on Death Row by an unanimous decision of the 12 Jurors if voted guilty.

Therefore as a worldly-wise & keen observer of the proceedings in the Court, he weighs the pros & cons, deciding to vote in support of the accuse as not guilty, turning the vote count to 2 not-guilty against the majority 10 Jurors voting him guilty. There are several remakes, but the story & the characters r the same but with different actors. My Answer is based on Sidney Lumet's directorial debut with "12Angry Men" released in 1957. This Courtroom drama was adapted from a teleplay of the same name by Reginald Rose who co-produced and wrote the screenplay for the movie.

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In Twelve Angry Men did juror 6 change his vote to not guilty?

Yes. He was the 6th juror to vote not guilty.

In twelve angry men act 2 what causes conflict between juror 3 and juror 5 at the opening scene?

in the beginning of act 2, the 12 jurors learn that someone changed their vote from guilty to innocent. juror 3 demands to know who changed their vote so he yells at juror 5 because he thought he did it. it was actually juror 9

When does Juror 5 get mad in the movie Twelve Angry Men?

Juror 5 gets mad after the second vote, when Juror 3 accuses him of being soft and changing his vote. It turns out Juror 9 (the old man) was the one to change his vote.

Why does juror number nine change his vote to guilty in twelve angry men?

Reasonable Doubt

What order do the jurors change their vote in twelve angry men?

the first to change it is juror 9

Why did juror 1 change his vote twelve angry men?

because he was a war man he loved to fight

What is the juror 12s view in the play twelve angry men?

The 12th juror in the play 12 Angry Men originally believes that the boy is guilty. He later changes his vote to not guilty following the deliberation.

What is the quote in Twelve Angry Men when Juror 10 votes not guilty?

Juror #1o agrees with juror #12 and changes his vote to Not Guilty without any hoopla attached. You may have the number wrong for the juror you are attributing the quote to.

What is the result of the first vote in the movie Twelve Angry Men?

After the Preliminary vote, the results were: Eleven voting in favor of Guilty and one hold-out (Juror #8) for Not Guilty.

Who were the three jurors who changed their verdicts in Twelve Angry Men?

The first vote was 11-1 against Henry Fonda. So all the others changed their vote.

Who was the last juror to change his vote in 12 angry men?

henry fonda

Who is the first to vote not guilty in the movie 12 Angry Men?

Juror #8 is the first and the only person to vote not guilty in the first round of voting. The role of this juror is played by Henry Fonda.

In the play 12 Angry Men How many times did they vote?

The first time it was at the beginning of the play and Juror #8 is the only one to raise his hand to vote "not guilty".The second time it was after they saw the knife and it was a secret ballot. Juror #8 said he was not going to vote and if there were 11 "guilty"s then Juror 8 would change his vote, but Juror 9 voted "not guilty".The third time was after Juror 8 reenacted the old man's walk down the hall and Juror #3's and Juror #8's little tussle. Jurors 2,5,6,11 vote "not guilty".The fourth time was after the knife scene and Juror #7 changes his vote because he was "sick of this whole thing". During this vote Jurors 1 and 12 change to "not guilty".The fifth time wasn't really a formal vote and it was after they demonstrated that the lady couldn't see without her glasses. Juror #8 asks "does anyone think there still is not a reasonable doubt?" and no on said anything except for Juror #3.The end of the play was when Juror #3 changed his vote.So 5 times.

Who is the protagonist in twelve angry men?

Twelve Angry Men does not have a set protagonist or antagonist. It is referenced as a "gang drama." A gang drama's resolution occurs when everyone cooperates and comes to a general consensus. There is technically no protagonist, but the closest thing to it is Juror 8. He is arguing for the life of a boy that may or may not be guilty. The real conclusion to the book lies in the fact that everyone was able to settle with a unanimous vote.

Why did juror 11 change his vote in 12 angry men?

Because the boy arrived home after the incident, which people wouldn’t normally do in that situation

Why did the other 11 jurors first vote guilty in twelve angry men?

They believed the accused was genuinely guilty.

Who were the two actors to play Juror 8 the first to vote not guilty in the old and new versions of 12 Angry Men respectively?

Henry Fonda & Jack Lemmon

What juror changes his vote in act 3?

In his house

What is the climax of twelve angry men?

The climax is when juror #9 explains to the rest that the woman across the street couldn't have seen the crime just casually looking out her window from bed without her glasses. (cuz no one wears their glasses to bed.) Previously, juror #4 said that her testimony was good evidence, but after #9 disproves this, only #3 is left voting guilty. This is the climax because at the beginning of the play, all but one (#8) of the jurors vote guilty. But at this point, all but one vote not guilty (#3).

What can a person with a felony not do?

They can't vote, be a juror, or get a good job!!

12 angry men what proposal does juror 8 make at the end of act 1?

That all other jurors vote for guilty or not guilty, and he will abstain (not vote). If everyone votes guilty, then they will put guilty as their verdict. If not, the jurors will talk about the case more.

Who had a hidden agenda in the movie Twelve Angry Men?

Juror #7 had a hidden agenda. He wanted the court case to be over and done with as fast as possible so that he could attend a ball game. He even went as far as to change his vote to not-guilty claiming he was "sick of all the talking." But what he really wanted was to speed up the proceedings.

What do you have to know in order to be a juror?

The legal system does not specify any educational standard for jurors. Anyone who is qualified to vote is qualified to be a juror.

What piece of evidence made them reconcider their vote in twelve angry men?

the knife. they thought it was unique 'til Henry Fonda brought own one that was exactly the same.

How do you think politics changed when works received the right to vote?

they changed their focus because they think it is not fair that women get to vote.