Why did kamikazes use helmets?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Funny! So they don't get killed before they hit their "intended" target.

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Q: Why did kamikazes use helmets?
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How were kamikazes used by the Japanese government?

because kamikazes were tamil

When did Japan start to use kamikazes?

Battle of Leyte Gulf, Oct '44

Was Kamikazes considered suicide pilots?

Kamikazes were considered suicide pilots.

What was a German Kamikazes?

Kamikazes were not German, but in fact Japanese. Japanese kamikazes were suicide pilots in WWII who purposefully crashed thir planes full of bombs as a way of combat.

Were the kamikazes successful?


Did kamikazes have uniforms?

Well young grasshopper. The Kamikazes were just pilots that flew into things, so yes they did have uniforms.

Why did knights use helmets?

to protect their faces

Who used kamikazes?

Japan in WW2

Why does draft punk were helmets?

They mainly use the helmets to hide their identities. They want a private life despite their fame.

Why did the vikings use helmets?

Same reason as helmets have always been, and are used - to protect their heads against impact.

What do you use to make war helmets?

There are steel helmets with fiberglass liners, and Kevlar ones. Steel helmets are made from sheet steel, fiberglass cloth and polyester resin. Kevlar helmets are made from Kevlar cloth and epoxy resin.

Do high school use youth football helmets?