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to keep the colonies in check

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Q: Why did king George pass the intolerable acts?
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What laws did king george and parliament pass after the Boston tea?

the intolerable act

Why did the crown pass the so called ''intolerable acts''?

The Crown passed the Intolerable Acts to punish the people of Massachusetts.

What act did parliament pass after the Boston tea party?

The Intolerable Acts were passed. These acts were put in place in order for the colonists to pay back for all th tea dumped.

The Boston Tea Party caused Parliament to pass the Coercive Acts What did the Americans call these acts?

Intolerable Acts

What did the Americans call the the Boston tea party caused Parliament to pass the coercive acts?

Intolerable Acts

Why did King George and parliament pass the Coreceive Acts?

Beacuse the colonists started revolting against them

What event led Parliament to pass the Intolerable Acts?

the event that led up to the intolerable acts was the Boston tea party.

Why did the British pass the Intolerable Acts?

The Intolerable Acts (known as the Coercive Acts by the British) were passed in response to the Boston Tea Party. The acts were geared more towards the Massachusetts colony with the intent on punishing them.

What event caused britain to pass the intolerable acts in 1774?

the boston tea party

What acts did England pass to punish Massachusetts for the Boston tea party?

The intolerable acts. They closed the harbor and passed many other taxes.

What event prompted the british to pass the intolerable acts?

Following the Boston tea party the intolerable act pass a year later

Why did the Britain pass new laws that the colonists to as The Intolerable Acts?

they wanted to control the 13 colonies and they wanted to benefit themselves