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It was considered training for combat.

A Bit More....It was also a form of entertainment, a place to prove/show off/practice/hone your skills and the the winners got lots of rewards!! A Bit more of was very profitable sport and it was addicting as if u downed an opponent you could claim there weapons as a "ransom" and their shields, horse, weapons, etc were a knights most valuable possessions.
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Medieval Knights often fought in tournaments. The purpose was to increase their skill levels. :)

Fighting in tournaments was good training for combat, it served as entertainment for the public, and it allowed the winner of the tournaments to win great prizes.

because they are learning how to fight the invaders or just doing it for fun...>>> jaeda

Tournaments at court were considered high entertainment. These games showed the combat ability of knights and other soldiers and were presented in front of the monarchÊand court.

Tournaments were knights would practice their skills

Medieval tournaments were meant for the entertainment of others. The people really loved them, and the knights really loved to battle each other in the tournament arena. So that is why knights enter tournaments.

Knights often participated in tournaments in order to earn money or favor with the king. They sometimes participated in tournaments to prove their strength and power.

knights were the ones that participated in medieval tournaments.

Yes. In the medival times, Kings and Queens would go to tournaments between knights. The knights would fight with long, pole-like swords. Kings and Queens would also go to festivals usually just for entertainment.

Offer military services to a king or lord, fight as mercenary, win tournaments, or nothing if he already owned lands.

They had tournaments like we have contests. Skill games and the prizes were money, honor, or slaves.

The tournaments began as weapons practice and turned into contests between knights.

knights took part in tournaments such as jousting and wooing ladies in their time off

Early tournaments usually in northern France (Normandy) later they were held all around Europe

Knights did not won their armors in tournaments, they bought them, maybe with the gold won in tournament.

knights fought for territory and rights

The knights promised to fight for the land.

HelloThe answer is "that they fight and we also fight in wars like knights!"

Tournaments in England were carried out as military exercises, a practice and display of prowess. Jousting was one of the popular tournaments where two knights would ride towards each other in a single combat.

The knights Templar fought in Jerusalem

The Muslims, after they took Jerusalem from the Knights.

The stick used by knights in jousting tournaments is called a lance.

They practiced on their own and they held tournaments to compete with one another.

In war for land. I wanted land and you wanted land. We both send our knights to fight to see who gets the land. Also to fight to see who gets the lady. Because they wanted to gain honor. Also in wars. Say I have knights and you have knights. We wanted the same territory so we fought a war. Also to fight for their love. Knights fight in competitions to see who gets the lady.

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