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To harm to USA

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Q: Why did osama bin laden kill so many people on 9 11?
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Who is the most hated man alive?

Adolph Hitler Well Hes Dead But The Other Most hated man in the world that's alive is Osama bin laden

Why did Osama bin Laden attack World Trade Center?

The accepted wisdom that the US was attacked was to punish the US, its military (the Pentagon) and its economic power (the WTC), and in particular for the historic and ongoing US support of the state of Israel and Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people. This is the basis for the recruitment of Muslim militants and militant groups to plan and carry out terrorism around the world and, in particular, against the US. However, terrorist acts like that the attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC never succeed in bringing about a change for the better, never. They invariably create situations far worse than what is claimed by their perpetrators, always. This fact easily escapes an average terrorist, especially the young, the angry, the disenfranchised. But Osama Bin Laden was none of these things; he was an educated, intelligent man who knew a lot about the world. Why did he spend much of his wealth and the lives of so many young Muslims on a mission of destruction to intensify discrimination of Muslims? We can only speculate. Bin Laden's actions are typical of megalomania; he spent so much and sacrificed so many on his altar of aggrandizement, his place in history.

How many people did hernan Cortes kill from the Aztec empire?

he killed 18 thousand and 456

Why did Bin Laden Destroyed The World Trade Center?

Because it held many great indrustries for the U.S.

How many people did the kelly gang kill?

The Kelly gang killed 4 men and wounded 3 policemen including flitzpatrick

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Why did the us navy seals kill osama bin laden?

Osama bin Laden was a vicious terrorist who was responsible for many deaths. The Navy Seals managed to locate and kill him.

How many countries were trying to kill Osama Bin Laden?


Who is the devil in Iran?

Many people think that the devil of Iran was Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden is no longer alive but many people that loved him are still alive. Osama bin Laden did not like the United States.

How many people did Osama bin Laden have killed?

osama bin laden has killed millions of people by breaking down the world trade center.

How many kids does Osama bin Laden have?

Osama bin Laden has 21 children.

What was the operation called to kill osama bin laden?

America has an excellent amount of sex and osama bin laden had a lot of sex with many of the people he kidnapped. In fact, some people say thats why he kidnapped a lot of the people he did. they also say they he was in the middle of a sex scandle when they found him in his hideout.

How many people have died as a result of Osama bin Laden's terror?

thousands. :(

Where did bin laden due?

Osama Bin laden is believed to of killed many people in planing 9-11 and made many threats to the US people!

How many wives does Bin Laden have?

Osama Bin Laden had four wives.

Do people want Osama bin Laden alive?

No because Osama bin Laden is a real terrorist. Many people doesn't want him alive because he's a bad guy and he even destroy people and attack other countries for no reason.

How many people have died as a result of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden?

more than 6500 people

How did Osama bin Laden use technology to carry out his terroristic acts?

Osama bin laden knew many people and he had the ideas of Stephen hawking and he thought of the things he needed to do. Osama's people thought he was a leader, which he was a dictator( pretty much like a dictator). So... when Osama's people looked up to him, they started sharing the protection( guns, explosives, shelter, ete...)