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Because even though they still sinned, they walked closer with God. Now we do not have close close relationships with Him like back then and we are punished for it with our shorter -lived lives.

--There are some who believe it was because they didn't eat meat until after the Great Flood. And others think it was a progression towards shorter lives as sin accumulated.

AnswerThe scientific evidence is that people never lived as long as portrayed in The Bible. However questions of religion can not be answered with scientific evidence, since faith is usually stronger than fact. It is far better to look at the biblical evidence to see why the Bible says people lived such extraordinarily long lives.

The Hebrew heroes in the Book of Genesis seem to have had lifespans related to the number 17. This gives us a clue as to why they are reported to have lived such extraordinarily long lives. A simple case is Methuselah, who became a father at age 187, which is 11 X 17, and died at 969, which is 57 X17.

Looking at a more elaborate numerology scheme related to the Hebrew Patriarchs:

  1. Abraham lived to 175 (5 X 5 X 7)
  2. Isaac lived to 180 (6 X 6 X 5)
  3. Jacob lived to 147 (7 X 7 X 3)
  • Each lifespan involves a perfect square (5, 6, then 7 in a numeric series),
  • the third factor also forms a series (7, 5, 3)
  • in each case the sum of the factors is 17.

Joseph is sometimes referred to as the fourth patriarch, and his 110 years are the sum of these consecutive square numbers (110 = 52 +62 + 72). Interestingly, the first man in Genesis, Adam, has a life span of 930 years, (= 302 + 30), and the last man in Genesis, Joseph, has a life span of 110 years (= 102 + 10). And Adam's lifespan can also be related to his immediate descendants by another series containing the number 17.

It is hardly likely that these precise ages may be explained as simple coincidence. And if they were not coincidences, then they were nominated by the early story-tellers for reasons of numerology.

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Q: Why did people in the Old Testament live so long?
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