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Q: Why did raven symone stop doing that's so raven?
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What was Disney channel's first comedy show?

The first Disney channel comedy show was that's so raven...if you don't know then it's about a girl called raven played by raven symone she has visions and she dos everything to the best of her ability to try and stop the bad things from happening,sometimes she mistakes her visions for other things.

Is raven symone cool with the cheetah girls?

---- Well Heres How I Picture It The True Thing About Raven Not Being Able To Be On The Cheetah Girls 3. She Couldnt Because She Was Making College Road Trip And Doing The Voice Of Tinkerbell. Ppl She Couldnt Take 2 Months Of The Cheetah Girls 3 In INDIA!!!! SO ALL OF THESE THINGS ABOUT RAVEN NOT BEING ABLE TO BE ON THE CHEETAH GIRLZ AND CRAZY PPL ASKING Y NEEDS TO STOP!!! CUZ I AM TELLIN YOU THE REAL DEAL.

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Unbreakable was stop Cause after the rhino and raven fight raven went toTna Manangent and ask them if it could be stop and they said y Cause every body in the locker room want is to be stop

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When did That's so Raven stop airing on Disney Channel?

That's So Raven stopped airing on November 10th, 2007.

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Why did they stop making that so raven?

they stop it becaus e it was not that much pepol wacth ing so they cut it sry

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