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Roger Waters

Why did roger waters leave Pink Floyd?

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Who plays a horn for Pink Floyd?

At the Roger Waters concerts, Roger Waters does.

Who played bass in Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters

Who started Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters and Nick Mason.

Who is roger waters?

Bass player / Singer for Pink Floyd.

Who found Pink Floyd?

Syd Barrett and Roger Waters

What instruments did roger waters play in Pink Floyd?


How many children does Roger Waters of Pink Floyd have?


Who owns fender stratocaster with serial number one?

One of the dudes from Pink Floyd might be Roger Waters. It is not owned by roger waters It is owned by David Gilmour from Pink Floyd a kruger

How did Roger Waters die?

If you mean the former Pink Floyd member, than Roger Waters actually isn't dead

How old is Roger Waters?

Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) is 73 years old (birthdate: September 6, 1943).

Who was the Scottish band member of Pink Floyd?

There was no Scottish member of Pink Floyd. They are all English. Any Scottish accent in a Pink Floyd song is provided by Roger Waters.

What is the meaning of roger waters album cover for division bell?

Roger Waters wasn't in Pink Floyd at the time of the release of The Division Bell.

Composer of wish you were here by Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters-lyrics Davig Gilmour-Roger Waters-music David Gilmour-vocals

Did pink Floyd break up?

no they still play, but w/o roger waters

Is Roger Waters from Pink Floyd Jewish?

No. Roger Waters is not Jewish. He's an atheist. He is also very anti-religion. His father however was a faithful Christian.

Who composed the song Money?

Roger Waters (bass guitarist, vocals) from the group Pink Floyd.

Which Pink Floyd members became muti-millionaires?

dave gilmour roger waters

What is the lead singers name of Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters and David Gilmour both sing

Why did Pink Floyd split up?

It got to big ... THE WALL ROCKS.The band did not entirely break up. Roger Waters and David Gilmour had issues in relation to the development of their music and sound. Both artists toured extensively with the members of Pink Floyd but without each other. Gilmour was much more prolific with Pink Floyd that Roger Waters .

Who was in the original Pink Floyd band?

Syd Barrot Nick Mason Rick Wright Roger Waters

Who was the first lead vocalist of Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters and Dave Gilmore shared lead vocals.

How many albums did Pink Floyd do after roger waters left?

Pink Floyd only had two albums after Waters left: A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell. However, that is excluding their live albums and compilation albums such as Pulse.

Who sued the other band members to put the name of Pink Floyd down to rest for good?

Roger Waters.

What year was Pink Floyd founded?

Pink Floyd were formed in London in 1965 by Roger waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason and were initially known as the "Screaming Abdabs". Syd Barrett joined a little while later and the name changed to "Pink Floyd".

Who are the members of Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters David Gilmour Nick Mason Richard Wright & Syd Barret -R.I.P

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