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Why did some Americans have a strong economic interest in Cuba?


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Sugar cane and tobacco crops.


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Americans capitalist began investing millions of dollars in large sugar cane plantations on the island

because the Americans wanted to build military bases there and they thought russia was going to take over cuba

Americans are not allowed to invest in, trade with, or travel to Cuba for business.

Spain fought with Cuba because Cuba wanted independence. US involved in the war because US had the economic interest in Cuba. Americans invested millions of dollar in Cuba plantations, and the attack of Spain that destroy the American ship called Maine was a reason. US also wanted Europeans to get out of Americas continent.

Because there is an economic embargo carried out by the US government, including freedom of movement: there are no flights or ships from any US city into Cuba.

How cuba solve it's economic probelums?

Why were the Americans concerned about the revolt in Cuba


How did americans hold Cuba at the time of explosion

places of interest in cuba are guantanamo bay the us army base and when you go to cuba, dont forget to become a communist leader

Americans certainly can enter into Cuba. There is no law stating that Americans could not enter into Cuba's small territory.

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the economic crisis of 1991 in Cuba. This was due to the close ties between Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Yes, they are. However, Americans cannot travel directly from the US to Cuba. because were nativeand we got money

The Pilgrims got along with the Native Americans and never fought in Cuba.

The main reason for the Spanish-American War and American support of Cuban rebels who wanted independence from Cuba was that Americans wanted to protect their business interest in this country. Similarly, public opinion and the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor also were other factors.

No, there are not. There is an economic embargo, the only way to fly to Cuba is from a foreign country.

Maintaining a strong political presence in Cuba

It occurred when Spain attack US ship, Maine. US wanted to help Cuba fought Spain. US had economic interest in Cuba. US wanted kicked European out of Americas. US wanted to be imperialism.

None, but Cuba has a sizable Afro-Cuban population.

the Americans are having 3rd eyes everywhere, including Cuba

The end of the soviet union deprived Cuba of economic aid

The main reason is its strategic location. It would be a fine launching pad for an attack on the United States and indeed such was a worry when Spain owned it and later when Russia became an ally of independent Cuba. It is also a source of cigars and sugar and was a popular resort spot for Americans in pre-Castro days.

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