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Q: Why did the Naismith not kill people with hydrogen cyanide in open air?
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Did Hitler use cyanide to kill Jews?

Yes, hydrogen cyanide.

Can hydrogen cyanide kill you?

Yes it is extremely toxic.

Can potassium cyanide kill when placed on wounds?

...from, because potassium cyanide can only kill when it is mixed with acid, producing hydrogen cyanide. in case of poisoning, the reaction occurs on digestion.

Does cyanide always kill people?

No. dead is dead.

What pill kill 7 people in 1982?

You are referring to the cyanide that was substituted in Tylenol capsules. The Tylenol did not kill anyone, the cyanide it had been substituted with did.

The name of the gas that was used to kill jews?

Zyklon B, a brand name for a form of Hydrogen Cyanide

What powder was used in the gas chamber to kill the Jews?

Hydrogen cyanide or Zyklon B as it was called.

Is cyanide a poison in cigarettes that can kill you?

Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) was identified in cigarettes smoke but very probably the concentration is not important for health. Far more significant is the nicotine content of cigarettes. Nicotine is a deadlier posion (by ld50) and is also addictive.

How much cyanide would kill an elephant?

About 150mg of cyanide can kill a 60kg human so about 15g should kill a 6000 kg adult male elephant. The cyanide would kill the elephant in much the same way it kills humans because we are both mammals.

Do apples contain cyanide?

Yes there is cyanide in apple seeds but it would take many to kill you.

Can cyanide kill you?

Yes it is extremely toxic.

Why does cyanide kill so quickly?

Cyanide is highly toxic, wikipedia says 1.5mg per kg body weight. There are lots of antidotes available- if using cyanide in the laboratory it is mandatory to have the antidote close to hand and people need training in how to use it.