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Why did the Nazis make concentration camps for the Jews?

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People can only guess why concentration camps were made for the Jews. There are many different reasons why they might have. No one will ever know for sure.

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It was, above all, the extermination camps rather than ordinary concentration camps that were built in Poland. The Nazis built very harsh concentration camps in Poland, mainly to 'deal with' Polish nationalists and intellectuals.They built extermination camps in Poland because:About half the Jews in areas under Nazi rule lived in Poland.Poland had a good rail network, which make transport to the extermination camps easier.

To identify the Jews, to cause them pain, and to make them more like animals than human. We brand cows to identify them, but treat them better than the Nazis treated the Jews.

To show how un-important they were to them, and make them miserable before they burned them in the ovens. Basically because they were to kill everyone who didn't have light hair, and blue or green eyes, and that was against the Jews religion.

Because, the Nazis wanted to keep record for future uses such as exchang Jews for war equipment and they wanted to keep the numbers of people in the concentration camps because hitler wanted to make sure people know who was in it and how much.

Kristallnacht (November 1938) was one of the biggest pre-war attacks on the Jews from the Nazis. Kristallnacht was blamed on the Jews by the Nazis and the Jewish Community was fined a billion marks for the damage caused, despite it all being caused by the Nazis. The Nazis used Kristallnacht as an excuse to send Jews to Concentration Camps - at this point they were not extermination camps. Jews Were also moved into ghettos in 1939 if they didn't leave the country. Many of the Nazi attacks on the Jews and other minority groups before the war had the aim of forcing them out of the country in order to make Hitlers 'master' race of 'pure' Germans.

The nazis put their concentration camps in rural areas, and far away from major cities. they also made ads that showed jews "playing" in pools with nazi officers, to make it show like they were having fun and that no one was being harmed

The death camps basically speak for themselves. Jews who go to the Death Camps die a lot quicker than those who suffer at the regular Concentration Camps. They call it a Death Camp because you basically die there immediately unlike Concentration which they make you work until you die from fatigue or starvation, etc. The effect of this results in the death of many Jews.

The Jews were tricked by the Nazi Germans. The Jews and the general populace of Germany bought all the lies the Nazi Germans fed them about the Jews and the concentration camps. Most Germans believed the death camps were work camps and war manufacturing places - they are the ones who lived in denial because they feared for their lives and rightly so. They knew they were not labor camps. You could smell the stink of death from more than a mile a way. They knew. Many Jews escaped or fled to the forests in various countries. Some managed to make it to the US and the presidential cabinet heard the horrid truth about the concentration camps.

The Yellow Star of DavidFrom 1941 onwards, Jews in Germany and German-occupied countries, had to wear a yellow star of David on their outermost clothing. (The date when this was introduced varied from country to country). The purpose was to make it easy to recognize them. (Inside concentration camps Jews had to wear a yellow triangle).

Here's a little true plot twist in your thinking: Most of the kapos (a barrack guard) were actually Jews. Many concentration camps had their head Nazis pick out the toughest Jews and make them leader of their barracks. (The houses in which as many as 200 Jews were housed). Often times, the kapostreated the Jews they were in control of horribly, because they knew that the Nazis would be less likely to kill a kapo who was already mean enough to the Jews.

concentration camps were used to make peoples lives miserable

If the Concentration Camps are still going on today, then just seprate yourself from Jews and you wont be convited as anything and you wont have to spend the rest of your life in a Concentration Camp inless you are released

The Nazis made the slaved Jews wear wood, or leather clogs while occupied in the death camps because the shoes would give the Jews blisters and the blisters will lead to infection and infection will lead to death. The Nazis did anything they could to get rid of Jews faster.

Upon their arrival to the camps, the Nazis took all gold from the Jews, including golden teeth. The dental gold was melted down to make new teeth.

The idea which gave the Nazis to decide the starting of concentration camps was that it formed from other ideas. In 1933 Hitler and the Nazi Party were trying to figure out ways of persecuting the Jews since Hitler was chancellor and the Enabling act wast in action. This mean Hitler can make any laws as he wishes without by passing it through the reichstag. During a meeting an idea camed out to "Make an environment which is for the people who dis obey Nazi ideals, to "CONCENTRATE" and that can be controlled" Another idea was Making an type of CAMP where is run by Nazis or the SA( Soon it would be the SS). At the end it was decided to use abandoned areas, mainly old military barracks and transform them into Concentration camps.

Concentration Camps Extermination Camps Labour Camps Transit Camps Death Camps.

in a concertration camp the Nazis make the Jews work but in the extermination camps they send you to the gas chambers

6 million Jews and 5 million others to make an approximated 11 million.

Some did, but the issue was the same as all escapees, where to go, some did make it to freedom, others did not.

because Hitler didnt like the Jews

thye took away everything that would've been fun then took them almost one by one to the concentration camps and make them work for them for a little bit then either put them in the gas chamber ar shot the m odr they died from disease

To make Germans think the Jews should be executed

the Jews did nothing wrong. its was just after the first world war and Germany was in a terrible state the NAZI party rose to power and Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews on the state of Germany. that is why the Germans built the concentration camps so they could make the Jews suffer how the Germans thought the Jews made their country suffer.

To make Germans think the Jews should be executed

The Nazis made the Jews wear the star of David on their clothing in January 1942. (Day Is unknown)

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