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The Pilgrim leaders believed the Mayflower Compact was necessary to prevent dissent among Puritans and non-separatist Pilgrims.

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because they needed something to follow

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lt was necessary

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Q: Why did the Pilgrim leaders believe it was necessary to have the Mayflower Compact?
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What would the Mayflower Compact allow the people to do that they could not do in England?

The Mayflower Compact aloowed the people to believe in their religion

Why did they believe it was necessary to sign the Mayflower Compact document before they left the ship?

The Mayflower Compact was signed to establish a governing structure and ensure order among the Pilgrims before they settled in the New World. It was seen as necessary to prevent potential disputes and maintain unity among the passengers during their time in the new land.

A documents drafterd prior to the settlement by the pilgrims?

I believe that would be the Mayflower Compact. Named after the ship they rode to North America the Mayflower.

Did the Mayflower Compact require the pilgrims to establish a democratic government?

I don't believe so.

Why did the pilgrims believe it was necessary to write the Mayflower compact?

They needed to establish a form of government so there would be order in the new colony and so that they had some guidelines to support good values and so on.

What was the name of the plan of government the pilgrims created to help them live together more peacefully?

I believe you are referring to the Mayflower Compact.

What did John Carver do in his lifetime?

One of John Carver's most important accomplishments was organizing the voyage of the Mayflower, the ship that brought the first Pilgrims to America. He was also the first person to sign the Mayflower Compact, and historians believe it is likely that Carver is the person who actually wrote the compact.

What document was written in 1620 that set the rules and regulations of the Plymouth settlement?

The mayflower compact I do believe. Is this for a homework thing called from disaster to democracy? If so plz sen me an email at saying "yeah"

How did mayflower get its name?

The Mayflower was the ship that transported the Pilgrims to the New World. The mayflower was a popular flower in England. Some historians believe a mayflower was carved on the Mayflower's stern.

Why were the people on the Mayflower on the Mayflower?

They where on the mayflower to sail to America but for religious reasons. They didn't agree with the church of England so they sailed to America to make there own church and believe in God. Hope this helped

When did passengers on the ship mayflower sign a compact agreement to form a government?

I believe it was before they got off the ship so they had it once they hit land because Jamestown had established no rules and fell apart so they wrote the document so that they could refer to it in later conflict.

Why did the Massachusetts name the Mayflower the Mayflower?

It is difficult to say for sure, but their are historians who believe that the flowers of May were just beginning to bloom when the ship was christened, hence the name.