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sa pagkakaalam ko kaya pinatay c Jose Rizal siya ay nagkasala

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Q: Why did the Spaniards execute Jose Rizal?
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Who kill dr. Jose rizal?


Why is that Jose Rizal wants to redeem the Filipino against Spaniards?

Its because Jose Rizal don't want or like the way the Spaniards treat the Filipino peoplethe Spaniards think that they are the supreme because of their color.

What did Jose Rizal do to become a hero?

He wrote stories about the Spaniards.

Is Jose Jizal considered as heroes during Spanish time?

do u mean Jose rizal? he's considered a hero because he used his brain to fight the Spaniards. he just wrote some poems/stories about the Spaniards when the Spaniards are colonizing the Philippines when the Spaniards knew it, they killed Jose Rizal.

Why did Dr. Jose Rizal die?

He died because of defending our country. The story behind this is Dr. Jose Rizal Wrote a story about the Spaniards Colonization and how the Filipinoes can defend the their rights, so the Spaniards Got all the copies he made and burn. And when the Spaniards known that it was made by Dr. Jose Rizal they executed him because of the fear that Filipinoes would know how to fight unto the Spaniards.

Why Jose Rizal joined Masonry?

easy.. to revolt over the spaniards.. to have an alliance..

What was the effect of the migration of liberal Spaniards on the educated Filipinos and mestizos?

what was the effect of the migration of liberal spaniards on the life of jose rizal

Do you believe that Jose Rizal is still alive?

No. Dr. Jose Rizal was executed by the Spaniards last December 30, 1896 and declared the Philippine national hero posthumously.

Why did Jose Rizal not use Realonda or Mercado as surname?

Just to protect his family from spaniards.

How they choose Jose Rizal as the national hero?

They chose Jose Rizal instead of Andres Bonifacio because he fought the Spaniards not by his sword but by his words. He used his intelligence to free the Filipinos.

Why Jose Rizal died?

Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda also known as Jose Rizal was a peaceful reform advocate. The Spaniards accused him for being the mastermind of the revolution because the men who joined the revolt shouting his name.

What did Jose Rizal do?

he protect us from spaniards and he is brave because he is not afraid to be killed by spaniard soldiers.